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Ryan of Kilcoolen, Co.Limerick

NOT Ryan "Keeree".

William Ryan,
had issue:

Jim Ryan,
James, born late 1894.
At mar he is listed as farmer, at Kilcoolen, near Ballyneety, Co.Limerick (see map).
He mar 11 February 1920 to Ellie Humphreys [born 1 May 1899].
Lived at Shower, near Newport, Co.Tipperary. There as at 1926.
James Ryan, of Shower, registered death of Ellie's mother in 1945.
She died 1 May 1976, age 77 yrs, buried Newport Cemetery.
He died 15 Mar 1981, age 86 yrs, buried Newport Cemetery.
They had issue:

  1. Josie Ryan,
    born 28 Feb 1921.
    She mar John O'Connell.
    He was a farmer and blacksmith, Newport.
    He died Mar 1984.
    She died Feb 1986, age 65 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Mary O'Connell.
    2. Charlie O'Connell, mar Mary O'Connor and had issue:
      1. Jane O'Connell.
      2. Miriam O'Connell.
      3. John O'Connell.
      4. Hilary O'Connell.
    3. Seamas O'Connell.
    4. Lena O'Connell, mar Harry Murphy and had issue:
      1. Michael Murphy.
      2. Eoin Murphy.
      3. Joanne Murphy.
      4. Marie-Claire Murphy.
    5. Gerard O'Connell.
    6. John O'Connell, mar Bridie Healy and had issue:
      1. Naoimh O'Connell.
      2. Brian O'Connell.
      3. Shane O'Connell.
      4. Aisling O'Connell.
    7. Patrick O'Connell.

  2. Nora Ryan,
    born 21 June 1922.
    Nun in Mercy Order, Birr, Co.Offaly.

  3. Matt Ryan,
    born 2 Aug 1923.
    Went to America.
    He mar Long Island, NY, to Eileen Fitzgerald [from near Bruree, Co.Limerick].
    She died c.1967, New York, after long illness.
    They had issue:

    1. Tommy Ryan.
    2. Jimmy Ryan.
    3. Helen Ryan.

  4. Bill Ryan,
    born 2 Jan 1925.
    Went to Australia.
    He mar Gwen Baker [from Australia].
    They lived Sydney, Australia. There as at 1986.
    They had issue:

    1. Terry Ryan, mar and had issue:
      1. Conor Ryan.
      2. Shannon Ryan.
    2. Matthew Ryan, mar Angie ----.
    3. Liam Ryan.

  5. Bridget Ryan,
    Breda, born 20 June 1926, Shower,
    bapt Bridget Mary, Newport.
    She mar 19 April 1954 to her 2nd cousin Paddy Humphreys and had issue.
    They mar at St.John's Cathedral, Limerick.

  6. Tom Ryan, mar Mary O'Connor and had issue:
    1. Joan Ryan, mar Brian ----.
    2. Ellen Ryan.
    3. Jimmy Ryan, mar and had issue.
    4. Tommy Ryan.

  7. Seamus Ryan, mar Hanna Baggott and had issue:
    1. Francis Ryan.
    2. Tommy Ryan.
    3. Brendan Ryan.
    4. Liam Ryan.
    5. Maria Ryan.
    6. Helena Ryan.

  8. Mary Ryan, mar Peter Hosfall and had issue:
    1. Terence Hosfall.
    2. Robert Hosfall.

  9. Christy Ryan, mar Lena Kelly.

  10. John Ryan.
    He mar Nancy Kett.
    He bought Doonane in Nov 1972.
    He had it for a year before he realised it was his old ancestral home.
    John and Nancy had issue:

    1. Nora Ryan.
    2. Noel Ryan.
    3. Matthew Ryan.
    4. Elaine Ryan.

  11. Pat Ryan.
    He mar Breda Treacy.
    He inherited the pub at 83 Clare St, Limerick, from Lena Gough.
    He ran Ryan's pub, 83 Clare St, Limerick.
    He sold the pub. (The pub is now gone.)
    Pat and Breda had issue:

    1. Antoinette Ryan.
    2. Padraig Ryan.
    3. Irene Ryan.
    4. Tracy Ryan.

  12. Eileen Ryan, mar Pat O'Brien and had issue:
    1. Denis O'Brien.
    2. Alfred O'Brien.
    3. P.J. O'Brien.
    4. Tony O'Brien.

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