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Patrick Humphreys

Originally of Doonane. Later of Shower near Newport.

The illegitimate child of Patrick and Ellen born before their marriage.
This is the baptism of their son John, 25 Sept 1841.
The entry says: "John illegitimate Umphry of Patt Umphry, Doonan, and Ellen Kenedy".
Patrick is listed as of Doonane.

Patrick Humphreys,
or Humphrys,
born 1811 or 1812 or 1816.
See entry in tree by Mary Ryan.
Originally from Doonane, Co.Tipperary.
"Humphrys" on death cert. "Humphreys" on grave.
His son Matt is "Humphrys" at marriage. But family changed to "Humphreys".
He may be identical with Patrick Humphrys baptised in 1820, the son of Michael Humphrys of Doonane.

Illegitimate child born before their marriage:
Patrick and Ellen had an illegitimate son John bapt 25 Sept 1841 at Newport.
The baptism entry says: "John illegitimate Umphry of Patt Umphry, Doonan, and Ellen Kenedy".
Patrick is listed at Doonane at this son's bapt in 1841.
The parents married the following year.

Patrick mar 8 Feb 1842 to Ellen Kennedy [born 1824].

After marriage he lived at Foilduff and Shower, not Doonane:
[Humphreys of Doonane family history] thought that Patrick inherited the family farm at Doonane, and he was the Humphreys who was evicted from it, and he then went to Shower.
But this seems to be wrong. While Patrick came from Doonane, after his marriage he lived at Foilduff (where his wife was from).
He is listed at Foilduff from 1843 to 1851.
Foilduff, Abington par, is a fair bit to the E of Doonane, Killoscully par. In a different civil parish.
He is not listed at Doonane in [Griffiths Valuation, 1848-1850]. Other Humphreys are listed. Their relation to Patrick is unknown. One of those would be the Humphreys who was evicted.

Listed at "Foilduff" at children's bapts 1843 to 1851.
He then went to Shower, close to Newport, Co.Tipperary. Much smaller than Doonane, 48-50 acres, but became full owners, no rent.
Listed at Shower at dau's bapt 1854.
Listed at "Barna" (beside Shower) at son's bapt 1855. This probably means Shower.
Listed at Shower at children's bapts 1859 to 1866.

Patrick dies, 1881:
He died 5 Apr 1881, Shower. See death cert from here. He is "farmer", age 65 yrs.
Grave says died 1 April 1882, age 70 yrs, but year is clearly wrong.
He was bur Killoscully, Co.Tipperary. Fine gravestone erected, probably some years later, since it says incorrectly he died 1882.
Ellen erected gravestone.
Patrick is listed as farmer, deceased, at dau's mar 1888, and at son's marriage 1889, and at son's mar 1896 and at son's marriage 1898.
Ellen dies, 1899:
She died 1 Dec 1899, Shower, age 75 yrs. See death cert from here. She is farmer's widow.
Patrick and Ellen had issue:

  1. John Humphrys,
    born before parents' marriage,
    bapt 25 Sept 1841 [Newport RC par records], sp Thomas Grace and Peggy Humphrys. See bapt entry from here.
    Must have died young, since there is another John.

  2. David Humphreys,
    bapt 11 July 1843 [Kilcommon RC par records], sp James Kennedy and Mary Kennedy. See entry from here.

  3. Mary Humphreys,
    bapt 22 Nov 1845 [Kilcommon RC par records], sp Charles Kennedy and Mary Kennedy. See entry from here.

  4. Honora Humphreys,
    bapt 18 Apr 1848 [Kilcommon RC par records], sp Patrick Moloney and Bridget Fanning. See entry from here.
    Must have died young, since there is another Honora.

  5. Norrie Humphreys,
    Nora, "Honora" on grave,
    bapt Honoria, 12 May 1849 [Kilcommon RC par records], sp John Moloney and Mary Kennedy.
    She was living 60 Clare Street, Limerick, at marriage in 1888. Father dead.
    She mar 15 July 1888 [her age 39, him age 47 and a widower] to Michael Lawler [born 1841].
    They mar at St.John's RC cathedral, Limerick, wit John Coghlan and Catherine Deegan.
    See mar cert from here.

  6. Matt Humphreys.
    Matthew, or Mathew.
    He was bapt 13 Nov 1851 [Kilcommon RC par records], sp Julian Kennedy.
    He registered father's death 1881. Living at Shower.
    Listed as farmer, of Shower, at mar.
    He mar 19 Feb 1898, Ballynahinch RC church, to Johanna Clifford [born Co.Tipperary, dau of James Clifford, farmer].
    She was born 1864 (by age in 1911 census) or 1865 (by death cert and grave) or 1870 (by mar) or 1873 (by 1901 census).
    See mar cert from here. The mar cert was corrected to apparently write the surname as "Humphrys". See original from here.
    At mar she is living Glenculloo (or Glanculloo), in the Glown valley, Bauraglanna townland, Killoscully par, N side of Keeper Hill (see map).
    Mar wit by Patrick Ryan and Maggie Connors.

    Matt is listed as farmer, of Shower, at dau's birth May 1899.
    He registered mother's death Dec 1899. Living at Shower.
    They are listed in 1901 census at Shower. He is farmer. They have one domestic servant.
    They are listed in 1911 census at Shower. He is farmer. Says they only ever had one child.

    He died 24 Apr 1917, Shower, of pneumonia.
    See death cert from here. Listed as "farmer".
    One source said he died 1 April 1912, but this is wrong.
    One source had the following story: While piking hay on a haystack, he got a slight stroke. He fell from the haystack, and never regained consciousness. He died a short time later. However the death cert does not agree with this story.
    Supposed to be buried at Killoscully but not found in gravestone inscriptions.
    He is listed as "farmer" (dead) at dau's mar 1920.
    Johanna died 19 July 1945, Shower [death cert]. Other source says 18 July.
    See death cert from here. She is farmer's widow.
    Supposed to be buried at Killoscully but not found in gravestone inscriptions.
    Matt and Johanna had issue:

    1. Ellie Humphreys,
      Ellen, Ellen Mary, born 1 May 1899, Shower.
      See birth cert from here. Wrongly says born 5 May.
      She was bapt Helena, 4 May 1899 [Newport RC church], sp James Humphreys and Helen Ryan.
      Living Shower at mar.
      She mar 11 February 1920, Newport, to Jim Ryan and had issue.
      See mar cert from here.

  7. Bridget Humphreys,
    bapt 1 Oct 1854 [Newport RC church], sp Bridget Coffey.

  8. William Humphreys,
    Bill, bapt 13 Nov 1855 [Newport RC church], sp William Humphreys and Johanna Ryan.

  9. John Humphreys,
    bapt 19 Jan 1859 [Newport RC church], sp George Brien and Hanora Brien.
    Must have died young (there is another John).

  10. David Humphreys,
    bapt 27 Feb 1860 [Newport RC par records], sp David Humphreys. See entry from here.
    He died 10 Oct 1892 [gravestone, Killoscully].
    Grave reading said age 42 but it must be age 32.

  11. Patrick Humphreys.
    Can't find baptism.
    He was born 1860 [age given as 76 at death in Feb 1936] or 1861-62 [age given as 27 at marriage in Feb 1889, and 74 at death in Feb 1936].
    Given siblings' dates it seems most likely he was born mid-late 1861.
    Baker and publican in Limerick city.

  12. John Humphreys,
    Jack, born Shower.
    He was bapt 26 Aug 1862 [Newport RC church], sp Margaret Kennedy.
    Father died 1881. He and brother Patrick moved to Limerick.
    He became a baker and publican in Limerick city.
    He had a pub at 62 Clare St, Limerick.
    "John Humphries", publican, is listed at 62 Clare St, Limerick, in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-92, p.39].
    Listed as "grocer" at mar, living Clare St, Limerick.
    He mar 17 May 1896 to Mary O'Connell [born 1868, dau of Michael O'Connell, farmer].
    She was a niece of Patrick's wife Mary Richardson.
    She was living Broad St, Limerick, at mar.
    They mar at Limerick RC cathedral. See mar cert from here. Mar wit by his brother James Humphreys and Bridget O'Connell.

    They had no issue.
    They ran the pub on Clare St.
    "John Humphries" is listed at 62 New Clare St, Limerick, in [Guy's Directory, 1912, p.76].
    He retired from the pub before 1928.
    In 1928 the pub at 62 New Clare St is in the name of his brother Patrick. But it is Patrick's daughter Lena Gough and her husband who ran it and inherited it.
    John moved to private house on Clare St.
    "John Humphreys" is listed at 35 New Clare St, Limerick, in [Limerick Directory, 1928, p.87].
    His brother William is listed at 35 Clare St at death 1930.
    John died at 57 New Clare St, Limerick, 23 June 1937, age 74 yrs.
    See death cert from here. He is retired merchant. Death registered by his niece Lena Gough.
    He was buried Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
    Mary died 17th May 1955, age 87 yrs.
    She was buried Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.

  13. James Humphreys,
    Jim, born Shower,
    bapt 16 May 1866 [Newport RC church], sp Matt Humphreys and Hannah (or poss.Johana) Humphreys.
    "Humphrys" at dau's birth 1916 and on death cert.

  14. Margaret Humphreys,
    She mar Richard Ryan [Dick].
    He was a Ryan "Keeree", originally from Cappamore, Co.Limerick. Though his family was called Ryan "Dick".
    They lived at Maryglen, mountain valley beside Keeper Hill, N of Doonane.
    Lived through hard times. Children hadn't very good health.
    They had issue:

    1. Paddy Ryan, died young, in his 20s.
    2. Ned Ryan, died early, unmarried.
    3. Tom Ryan, died early, unmarried.
    4. Annie Ryan, died very young, unmarried.

    5. Ellen Ryan,
      Ellie, born 1895,
      didn't marry, lived Maryglen,
      died 18 June 1973, age 78 yrs [gravestone, Killoscully].

Patrick is listed as of Foilduff at baptism of his son David, 11 July 1843.

Map showing Doonane to NE of Newport, and Shower and Barna close to Newport.
See full size. From Geohive.

Shower on 1829 to 1842 map.

Patrick Humphreys grave, Killoscully, Co.Tipperary.
From Killoscully Gravestone Inscriptions.

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