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No known relation of Quin, Earl of Dunraven (who are also Quin of Co.Limerick).

Ballinacourty House (or Ballynacourty House), near Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.
Sir Stephen Quin lived at Ballinacourty for many years, must be at Ballinacourty House.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern street view.
See NIAH entry.

James Quin,
of Glenquin Castle (or Glen Quin Castle), Co.Limerick.
This would be Glenquin Castle, SW Co.Limerick. Not sure if James Quin lived there or just in the area.
He had issue:

John Quin,
of Tournafulla, SW Co.Limerick,
had issue:

John Quin,
born 1813,
of Limerick city.
Founder of John Quin and Co., Limerick.
Alderman, D.L., of Limerick.
He died 1883.
See grave at Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
He had issue:

  1. Sir Stephen Quin,
    Stephen Byrne Quin, born 26 Dec 1860, Limerick.
    He was educ Ushaw College (Catholic), Durham.
    He mar 1886 to Emma Crean [born 8 Oct 1864].
    He lived at Shannon Lawn, Limerick.
    He is listed as a magistrate for Limerick, living Shannon Lawn, Limerick, in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-92, p.29].
    Living Shannon Lawn as at son's birth 1893. He is "wine merchant".
    He was Catholic and unionist.
    High Sheriff of Limerick City: He was High Sheriff of Limerick City 1897 and 1898.

    Apparently moved to England in 1898-1900.
    Lived Ascot, Berkshire.
    Daughter born in Ascot 1900.
    Stephen and Emma are listed in 1901 census with Emma's parents in Dublin, but with only one of their children, which suggests they are only visiting.
    Children died at Ascot in 1903 and 1908.

    Apparently came back to Ireland in 1908-1911.
    Lived at Ballinacourty, S of Castleconnell, Co.Limerick. The house list in the 1911 census shows they are in by far the biggest house in Ballinacourty townland. So this must be Ballinacourty House.
    They are listed in 1911 census at Ballinacourty. He is J.P. for Limerick city and county, and merchant. They have 2 servants and a governess.
    Listed in [Thom's, 1914, p.1217] as J.P. for Limerick city, living Ballinacourty.
    Mayor of Limerick: He was Mayor of Limerick 1916 and 1917. (He was succeeded by the nationalist Phons O'Mara.)
    He was a Member of the Irish Convention 1917-18.
    Knighted 1918.
    See entry on p.1108 of [Walford's County Families, 1919]. Listed as a J.P. and D.L. for Limerick. Living at Ballinacourty.
    Living Ballinacourty at son's death 1923.
    He is listed as a "former" J.P. for Limerick city on p.1323 of [Thom's, 1925]. Living at Ballinacourty.
    Death report says he went to live in England after Irish independence. But it seems he kept Ballinacourty.
    He is listed on p.371 of [Thom's, 1940]. This lists his residence as Ballinacourty and Swinley Wood, South Ascot, Berkshire.
    He died Ascot, May 1944, age 83 yrs.
    See report in Kerryman, May 20, 1944.
    Emma died 2 Mar 1946, age 81 yrs.
    Ballinacourty House, Castleconnell, was put up for sale in 1947. See item in Limerick Leader, May 26, 1947.
    Sir Stephen and Emma had issue:

    1. John Herbert Quin,
      born July 1888,
      died at Ascot, 11 Mar 1908, age 19 yrs.

    2. Percy Quin,
      Percy Stephen Quin,
      born 1889, Co.Limerick,
      died unmarried, at Ballinacourty, 21 Feb 1923, of tuberculosis,
      see death cert from here.

    3. Richard Quin,
      Richard Berchmans Quin,
      born 1891, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1911 census.

    4. Gerald Maurice Quin,
      born 29 July 1893, at grandparents' house, 69 Lower Leeson St, Dublin,
      see birth cert from here,
      died at Ascot, 13 May 1903, age 9 yrs.

    5. Winifride Quin,
      Alice Winifride Mary Quin in census,
      born 1900, Ascot,
      at home in 1911 census.

Shannon Lawn, Limerick

Shannon Lawn, North Circular Road, Limerick City.
Built c.1830.

Stephen Quin (later Sir Stephen Quin) lived here.
He is listed there in [Ashe's Directory, 1891-92].
He was living there in 1893.
Gone by 1900.

The house survives.
See NIAH entry.


Shannon Lawn, Limerick city.
One of the fine houses on North Circular Road.
From 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of entrance.

Shannon Lawn, Limerick.
From NIAH.
See more images.

Painting of Shannon Lawn, Limerick, 1869.
For sale 2013 at Whyte's.
NIAH confirms this is the North Circular Road house. The tower has been demolished.

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