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Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons, draper, The Mall, Tralee, in [Henry & Coghlan's directory, 1867, p.363].

Michael Lyons,
Michael Laurence Lyons, born 1825 or 1826.
He mar pre-1853 to Julia O'Keeffe [or Keeffe].
They lived for a time at Mallow, Co.Cork. Children bapt there in 1853-57.

Moves to Tralee, 1858:
Moved 1858 to Tralee, Co.Kerry.
Obituary says he purchased Hanrahan's drapery on The Mall, Tralee, in 1858, "then came and resided permanently in Tralee, though he carried on a branch establishment in Mallow."
He was draper in Tralee, Co.Kerry.
He was a T.C. (Town Councillor) in Tralee 1860 to death 1887.
M.L. Lyons, The Mall, Tralee, is listed under "Woollen and General Drapers" in [Henry & Coghlan's directory, 1867].
"Michael L. Lyons, The Mall, Tralee" was a subscriber to Cusack's History of Kerry, 1871.
He might be "Michael Lyons" who sp bapt of his grandson Charles Michael Falvey February 1875.
She or maybe her dau might be "Julia Lyons" who sp bapt of Willie Cashel Dec 1875.

Obituary says he was a Liberal who later supported Home Rule.
Obituary says he was treasurer of the local branch of the Land League (founded 1879).
Michael Laurence Lyons, 21 and 22 The Mall, Tralee, is listed in voters of Tralee 1880-81.
Obituaries say he was arrested and jailed briefly in Jan 1881 for Land League activity. Also arrested with him was Land League leader Timothy Harrington. The charge was of "holding an illegal court". Lyons was jailed for 8 or 10 days.

Michael L. Lyons and Co., drapers, dressmakers and milliners, The Mall, listed in [Guy's Directory, 1886].
Listed as "draper" at death.

Death, 1887:
He died Wed 28 Sept 1887, at his residence, 21 The Mall, Tralee. See death cert from here.
Funeral 30 Sept 1887. He was bur at Millstreet, Co.Cork, "in the family burial place".
See obituary part 1 and part 2 in Cork Examiner, September 30, 1887.
See tributes in Kerry Sentinel, September 30, 1887.
See obituary in Kerry Weekly Reporter, October 1, 1887.
See obituary and tributes in Kerry Evening Post, October 1, 1887. Says he was age 62.
Julia fl 1887.
Admin granted 28 Aug 1888.
Julia might be Julia Lyons, widow, age 78 (born 1823, Kanturk, Co.Cork) who is listed at Strand St, Tralee, in 1901 census. She is living as a "boarder" with the Collins family. (todo) Search Kanturk marriages here.
She is NOT Julia Lyons, widow of a shoemaker, who died in Tralee Workhouse in 1920, age 86, see entry in [GROI].
Michael and Julia had issue:

  1. John Lyons,
    bapt 15 May 1853 [Mallow RC par records], sp Callaghan O'Keeffe and Hanora O'Keeffe.
    He is probably "John Francis Lyons" who wit his sister's mar 1874.
    "John Lyons" sp bapt of his niece Julia Falvey 1877.

  2. Mary Ellen Lyons,
    or Mary Lyons,
    or (perhaps errors) Ellen Mary Lyons or Mary Helen Lyons,
    born Co.Cork, bapt 3 Sept 1854 [Mallow RC par records], sp George O'Connor and Barbara O'Keeffe.
    She must be "Mary Ellen Lyons" who sp the baptism of Agnes Cashel 1870.
    Listed as living The Mall, Tralee, at mar.
    She mar 30 Apr 1874, Tralee RC church [GROI] to Dr. Francis Falvey [born 1845, doctor in Tralee] and had issue.
    Marriage wit by John Francis Lyons and Michael L. Lyons and Richard Bourke Dowling.
    Can't see mar in [Tralee RC par records].

  3. Julia Mary Lyons,
    bapt 11 May 1856 [Mallow RC par records], sp John Hennessey and Ellen Hennessey.
    A note at her baptism 1856 says John Hennessey was represented by John Lyons (could be our John Lyons).

  4. Catherine Mary Lyons,
    bapt 30 Aug 1857 [Mallow RC par records], sp Edmond Dwyer and Ellen Theresa O Keeffe.

  5. Honora Ann Lyons,
    born 19 February 1859,
    bapt 22 February 1859 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Lyons (could be our John Lyons) and Mary O'Keeffe.
    "Honora Lyons" who sp bapt of her niece Mary Falvey 1876.

  6. Laurence Lyons,
    Laurence Augustine Lyons, born 30 April 1860,
    bapt 5 May 1860 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Bourke and Ellen Aherne.
    "Laurence Lyons" sp bapt of his nephew John Charles Falvey 1884.
    "Laurence A. Lyons" registered his father's death 1887. Living The Mall, Tralee.
    Listed as draper, of Tralee, at father's probate 1888.

  7. Sarah Lyons,
    born 14 May 1862,
    bapt 15 May 1862 [Tralee RC par records], sp John Lyons (could be our John Lyons) and Mary Lyons.
    She may be "Sarah Lyons" who sp bapt of Alice Cashel in July 1878.
    "Sarah Lyons" sp bapt of her niece Mary Falvey 1882.


Photo in the Falvey family said to be "Aunt Nora".
Maybe this is Honora Lyons, born 1859, sister of Mary Ellen Lyons.
See larger and full size.


Lyons drapery business, The Mall, Tralee

The business of Lyons drapers, 21 and 22 The Mall, Tralee (established 1858) continued for over a century.
Though it is unclear who owned it after Michael Lyons.


Lyons, drapers, 21 and 22 The Mall, Tralee (note sign on 1st floor saying "T. LYONS & COMPANY").
View from the W. Photo of The Mall, c.1905.
See full size. From NLI.

Lyons, drapers, 21 and 22 The Mall, Tralee (the building just past Raleigh cycles).
View from the E. Photo of The Mall, 1952.
See full size. From NLI.

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