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Originally from France.
Part of the European community in Turkey. See Historical background.

Left: Frederic Giraud.
Right: Mary Whittall.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
From [Giraud, 1934].

Frederic Giraud,
born 1837.
He mar Mary Whittall [born 1843].
Lived at Smyrna.
In old age, he had to leave Smyrna during the destruction of 1922.
He died Athens, 1922, age 85 yrs. His body was brought back for burial.
Mary died 1932, age 89 yrs.
They are both bur in Anglican Cemetery in Bornova.
They had issue:

  1. Charlton Giraud,
    Charlton James Giraud, born 1869.

  2. Harold Giraud,
    Harold Frederic Giraud, born 1872.
    He died 1963, age 91 yrs.
    He had issue:

    1. William Giraud [Bill].
      He mar 1stly to Audrey La Fontaine [born 1906] and had issue.
      They divorced.
      He mar 2ndly to Gwen Reggio.
      They lived in what [Kalcas, 1983] calls the "William Giraud House", Bornova.
      [Kalcas, 1983] said that Princess Maria of Savoy [born 1914, dau of Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy] was a guest at "William Giraud's lovely home in Bornova".

  3. Edmund Giraud,
    Edmund Haydn Giraud, born 1880.
    [Kalcas, 1983] lists the "Edmund Giraud House", Bornova, now demolished. This is presumably his house.
    He mar 1stly to Ruth Whittall [born 1884].
    He was a partner of The Oriental Carpet Manufacturers company. See him signing a 1926 document.
    Author of family history 1934.
    He died 1962, age 82 yrs.
    He had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Edna Giraud,
      Edna Ruth Giraud, of Smyrna, born 1906,
      mar Rodney Whittall and had issue.

    2. Godfrey Giraud,
      Godfrey Bertram Giraud, born 1907,
      inherited his mother's house, The Edward Whittall House in Bornova.

    3. Ruth Mary Giraud,
      born 30 Oct 1910 or 1911,
      mar Willem Frank Whittall and had issue.

Frederic Giraud and family, must be around 1888 (by age of children).
Back (left to right): Charlton, Frederic Giraud, Edgar.
Middle (left to right): Harold, Edmund, Mary Whittall.
Front: Jacques.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The William Giraud House, Bornova

The William Giraud House, Bornova.
Also called the "Harry Giraud House".

The William Giraud House, Bornova.
From here at

The William Giraud House, Bornova.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Edmund Giraud House, Bornova

The Edmund Giraud House was demolished 1974.

The Edmund Giraud House, Bornova.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

The Oriental Carpet Manufacturers

The Oriental Carpet Manufacturers (OCM), of Smyrna, was formed in 1908 from a merger of the six major Oriental carpet manufacturing companies then in existence, including the business of Sydney La Fontaine, Smyrna, established 1880.
From history.

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