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Maltass of Smyrna, Turkey

The family are not really from Turkey. They are from England.
They went out to Turkey on commercial and diplomatic business in the 18th century, and intermarried with other European families out there.
Some descendants still live there.
See Historical background.



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Our family

Our family spelt their name "Maltass" consistently. NOT Maltrass.
Our family in Turkey starts as follows:

Rev. --- Maltass,
of Ripon, N Yorkshire (N of Leeds),
born c.1700.
[Maltass, 1892] says he might be "the Rev. Farmer Maltus or Malthus" who is mentioned in [Payne, 1890].
He had issue:

  1. Henry Maltass.
    He went in mid-18th century to Constantinople, Turkey, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
    See historical background.
    He mar at Constantinople to Juliana Barbarini and had issue:

    1. Stephen Maltass,
      Chancellor of the British Embassy at Constantinople as at 31st Dec 1806 (the Ambassador 1804-07 was Charles Arbuthnot),
      (todo) see extract from the archives of the Levant Company, pub in The Standard, 8th Oct 1901,
      Maltass went with the Ambassador and Admiral Duckworth to Constantinople in Feb 1807 when Duckworth forced the Straits of the Dardanelles,
      Duckworth intimidated Constantinople, but after negotiations with the Sultan Selim III he eventually withdrew,
      Maltass was on the battleship the "Standard", the Captain of which was Thomas Harvey,
      the Rees family papers say he has left a record of what took place,
      did not marry.

    2. William Maltass,
      at age 12 was Student interpreter at the British Embassy at Constantinople,
      this was during the time when Sir Robert Ainslie was Ambassador (1776-92),
      Maltass was British Vice-Consul at Cairo,
      did not marry.

    3. Claude Philip Maltass,
      the British Ambassador refers to him in a letter dated Constantinople, 29th Apr 1810, where he writes to Francis Werry, British Consul at Smyrna, as follows: "For the present, I beg of you to do all you can to keep the Prize Master and his men on board the captured ship until I can obtain a decision from the Captain Pacha and on no account to suffer Captain Maltass to be prevented returning to Malta with his prisoners.",
      "Captain Maltass" [Claude Philip] must be a Captain in the Royal Navy,
      did not marry.

    4. (4 daus) Maltass.

  2. William Maltass,
    born Ripon, Yorkshire.
    He went in mid-18th century (pre-1763) to Smyrna, important port in W Turkey.
    See historical background.

  3. (4 daus) Maltass.

"The squadron under the command of Sir J T Duckworth forcing the narrow channel of the Dardanelles, February 19th 1807".
From here.

"Destruction of the Turkish Fleet, February 19th, 1807".
From here.

Maltus of Ripon, Yorkshire

From the Ripon parish register can be reconstructed the following Stephen Maltus family.
It seems unlikely this is our family, though, since he is "Stephen" not "Rev. Stephen".

Stephen Maltus [or Maultus or Malthouse],
of Bondgate (in the S part of the town centre of Ripon),
mar Mar 1722 [Ripon] to Sarah Oats [of Kirk Deighton, N Yorkshire,
see earlier connection between Malthouse and Oates in 1610],
"Stephen Malthouse of Bondgate" is listed as a freeholder and voter in The Yorkshire Poll Book 1741,
"Stephen Maltus, Ripon" bur Ripon, 17th June 1777,
had issue:

  1. Ann Maltus, bapt 5th Aug 1723 [Ripon].
    There is an "Ann Malthus", of parish of Ripon, mar 12th Feb 1749 [Ripon] to John Haxly of parish of Ripon,
    but [Denton, 1999] suggests this is dau of William Maltass, of Ripon and Agnesgate, Ripon (beside Bondgate).

  2. John Maltus, bapt 1st Nov 1725 [Ripon],
    bur Ripon, 11th Nov 1730, age 5 yrs.

  3. Martha Maltus, bapt 29th Oct 1727 [Ripon],
    must be "Martha Malthus", of parish of Ripon, mar 24th Nov 1752 [Ripon] to James Melton of parish of Ripon.

  4. Mary Maltus, bapt 13th Dec 1729 [Ripon].

  5. (stillborn child) Maltus, bur Ripon, 9th Jan 1731.

  6. William Maltus,
    bapt 14th May 1733 [Ripon],
    "William Malthouse" of Bondgate had issue:

    1. John Malthouse, bapt 21st Mar 1762 [Ripon].

    "William Malthouse, Ripon" died 15th Sept 1802, age 69 yrs,
    bur Ripon, 17th Sept [see his grave at Ripon Cathedral],
    had issue:

    1. --- Malthouse, had issue:
      1. Ann Malthouse, born 1803, died 3rd June 1807, age 4 yrs.

  7. Henry Maltus, bapt 23rd June 1735 [Ripon].

  8. Saray Maltus, bapt 30th Apr 1737 [Ripon],
    "Saray, dau of Stephen Maltus of Ripon" bur Ripon, 20th Sept[?] 1740, age 3 yrs.

  9. Saray Maltus, bapt 12th Feb 1742 [Ripon], second Saray.
  10. Priscilla Maltus, bapt 20th July 1744 [Ripon].

There is also a Stephen Maltus family of North Leys. Although this family (Stephen and his wife Frances) do end up at Bondgate later, I think they are a separate family (rather than Stephen's 2nd marriage) because there is another William (and we know the first William above survived infancy because of the age on his grave, which matches his baptism date):

Stephen Maltus (or Malthouse),
of North Leys, in the parish of Ripon,
mar 5th Jan 1737-38 [Ripon] to Frances Long [of North Leys],
described as "of North Layes" at William's bapt 1738,
described as "of North Leys House" at Mary's bapt 1740,
"Frances, wife of Stephen Maltus, Bondgate" bur Ripon, 26th July 1785,
"Stephen Maltus, Bondgate" bur Ripon, 17th Nov 1786,
had issue:

  1. William Malthouse, bapt 13th May 1738 [Ripon].
  2. Mary Malthouse, bapt 27th May 1740 [Ripon].

Malthus of Berkshire (the economist)

Maltass and related families of Yorkshire

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