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James Whittall

(Left) James Whittall.
(Right) Magdalen Giraud.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
Giraud portrait is also in [Giraud, 1934].

James Whittall,
of "The Big House", Bournabat (Bornova), nr Smyrna,
and of the family company, C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna,
born 20 Oct 1819, Smyrna,
mar, must be early 1838, Smyrna [both of them teenagers] to his 1st cousin Magdalen Giraud [born Apr 1823],
she was age 14, he was 18, when she got pregnant in Feb-Mar 1838,
she was age 15, he was 19, when first child born in Dec 1838,
he was a noted collector of Hellenic and pre-Hellenic coins of Asia Minor, many of which are now in the British Museum,
he died 3 Feb 1883, age 63 yrs,
a letter of the Greek poet Constantine P. Cavafy of 1 March 1883 describes the late James Whittall as "reputed to have been the wealthiest merchant of the Levant",
Magdalen lived with her son Herbert in "The Big House", Bornova,
"The old Mrs Whittall married at 15 and had 20 children! She is now 85." [diary of Gertrude Bell, on 3 Apr 1907],
[Giraud, 1934] notes that she lived to see her great-great-grandchild born in 1910,
she died Feb 1912, age 88 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Sir William Whittall, Kt,
    James William Whittall,
    born 1st Dec 1838, Smyrna [his mother was age 15].

  2. Jane Whittall,
    born 1842, Smyrna,
    mar Richard Wilkinson and had issue.

  3. Richard Whittall,
    Richard Watson Whittall, born 1847, Smyrna,
    of C. Whittall and Co., Smyrna (he was head of the firm),
    lived Bornova,
    mar Sophia Marie Kramer and had issue:

    1. Mary Whittall, born 1870,
      mar Frederick De Cramer and had issue.

  4. Edward Whittall, born 9th Sept 1851, Bornova.

  5. Blanche Magdalen Whittall,
    born 1855, Smyrna,
    mar Edward Augustus John La Fontaine and had issue.

  6. Herbert Whittall [Herbert Octavius],
    born 1858, Smyrna,
    NOT Herbert G., think NOT Octavios or Octavious,
    lived in "The Big House", Bornova.

  7. Edith Amelia Whittall,
    born 1860, Smyrna,
    mar Sydney James William La Fontaine.

  8. Charlton Francis Whittall (second Charlton), born 1864, Smyrna,
    mar 1stly to Ethel Maud Barker,
    mar 2ndly to Anna van Lennep and had issue:

    1. Willem Frank Whittall, born 1915,
      mar 1stly to Ruth Mary Giraud [born 1910 or 1911] and had issue,
      mar 2ndly to Livia Luisa Marraccini.

The Richard Whittall House, Bornova.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

Edith Amelia Whittall (born 1860).
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

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