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Henry Maltass of Constantinople

Henry Maltass.
He went in mid-18th century to Constantinople, Turkey, the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
See historical background.
He mar at Constantinople to Juliana Barbarini.
They had issue:

  1. Stephen Maltass.
    Chancellor of the British Embassy at Constantinople as at 31 Dec 1806. (The Ambassador 1804-1807 was Charles Arbuthnot.)
    Dardanelles Operation, 1807:
    Maltass went with the Ambassador and Admiral Duckworth to Constantinople in Feb 1807, when Duckworth forced the Straits of the Dardanelles.
    The narrow Straits of the Dardanelles (the gateway to Turkey and Russia from the Mediterranean) were always of huge strategic importance.
    An English fleet under Duckworth forced its way through the Straits of the Dardanelles, in a historic display of rising European power (and declining Ottoman power), and intimidated Turkey.
    Duckworth intimidated Constantinople. But after negotiations with the Sultan Selim III he eventually withdrew.
    Maltass was on the battleship the "Standard", the Captain of which was Thomas Harvey.

    Maltass did not marry.

  2. William Maltass.
    At age 12 he was Student interpreter at the British Embassy at Constantinople.
    This was during the time when Sir Robert Ainslie was Ambassador (1776-1792).
    Maltass was British Vice-Consul at Cairo.
    He did not marry.

  3. Claude Philip Maltass.
    The British Ambassador refers to him in a letter dated Constantinople, 29 Apr 1810. He writes to Francis Werry, British Consul at Smyrna, as follows: "For the present, I beg of you to do all you can to keep the Prize Master and his men on board the captured ship until I can obtain a decision from the Captain Pacha and on no account to suffer Captain Maltass to be prevented returning to Malta with his prisoners."
    "Captain Maltass" [Claude Philip] must be a Captain in the Royal Navy.
    He did not marry.

  4. (4 daus) Maltass.

"The squadron under the command of Sir J T Duckworth forcing the narrow channel of the Dardanelles, February 19th 1807".
From here.

"Destruction of the Turkish Fleet, February 19th, 1807".
From here.

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