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William Maltass of Smyrna

Smyrna in a book of 1735.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.

William Maltass,
born Ripon, N Yorkshire.
See Wikitree.
He went in mid-18th century (pre-1763) to Smyrna, an important port in the western (Greek) part of what is now Turkey.
Many European merchants lived in Smyrna. See historical background.
He was a merchant in Smyrna.
Member of the Levant Company.
Perhaps it was the wool trade that brought him to Smyrna. The Levant was a major source of wool for the wool trade in Yorkshire (where Maltass came from).

He mar at Smyrna, pre-1763, to Marguerite Icard [born 30 Dec 1737].
He is described as "agent" for George Baldwin, who controlled the trade route to the East through Suez. Baldwin married his daughter.
William and Marguerite had issue:

  1. Sarah Maltass.
    [Goulburn, 1892] says she was elder sister of Jane.
    She mar pre-1790 to Chevalier Ambroise de Cramer [born 10 Feb 1757] and had issue.

  2. Jane Maltass,
    born 26 June 1763, Smyrna.
    [Starkey, 2001] says she was age 16 at marriage.
    She mar 1779 to George Baldwin and had issue.
    She was famously painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1782.

  3. Susan Maltass,
    born est c.1774.
    Old enough to marry in 1791 and young enough to have a child in 1818.
    [Notarial Record 1851] says she was age 74 at death 1851 (born 1777) but she must be older if married 1791.
    [Notarial Record 1851] says she was born in Smyrna.
    "Susan" in her husband's will 1796, and at bapt of her dau 1796, and at bapt of her natural child in 1819, and her natural son's mar 1860.
    "Suzanne" in her will of 1850 and [Notarial Record 1851].

  4. Mary Maltass,
    She mar 4 Sept 1797 to John Lee and had issue.
    They mar at [British Chapel, Smyrna].

  5. Margaret Maltass.
    She mar --- van der Schoeff [or poss. "Vanderrchieff"].
    He resided at Smyrna.
    See signature from this family on mar entry for William Maltass 1836.
    Margaret fl 1844.
    They had issue:

    1. 3 sons, van der Schoeff.
      All died pre-1844.

  1. John Maltass.
    He married in 1805.
    He built what is now called The Steinbüchel House in Bornova, near Smyrna.

  2. William Maltass.
    He married in 1806.

  3. Benjamin Maltass,
    born 1778.

  4. George Peter Maltass.
    He fl 1796 (mentioned in Reebkomp's will).

Portrait of Jane Maltass by Joshua Reynolds, 1782.
See full size.
From Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Map of Smyrna in 1834.
From Levantine Heritage. Used with permission.
Shows Boudjah to the S.


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