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Auguste Henry Saladin Montgomery

Auguste Henry Saladin Montgomery (and spelling variants),
born in Paris, 5 Apr 1818.
There are other versions of his name, including "Augustus Henry Saladin Montgomery" and "Henri-Auguste de Montgomery".

A natural child of his mother Mrs. Susan Montgomery, widow of Augustus Montgomery (died 1797).
Father unknown, but possibly Auguste Henry Saladin of Paris (died apparently Oct 1818).
His mother gave him the surname Montgomery, though he descends from Maltass and not from Montgomery (Herbert).

In 1850 he is living with his mother at 62 Rue Neuve-Saint-Augustin, Paris.
His mother's will of 12 Dec 1850 leaves all of her property to him.
His mother died July 1851.

He mar 8 Dec 1860, Paris, to Clémentine Augustine Poyer [or Clémentine-Augustine, born 11 Jan 1835, Paris].
She was born in 2nd arrondissement of Paris, dau of Auguste Germain Poyer and Renée Elisa Leguay.
They married at the Oratoire du Louvre (historic Protestant church in Paris).
See mar entry from church records. See transcript.
See mar entry from state records. See transcript here and here. This incorrectly transcribes his date of birth.
Both marriage records describe him as a "rentier" (person of independent means).

Clémentine Augustine dies, 1881:
She died in about June-July 1881, age 46 yrs.
Her death is reported in "L'Abeille de Fontainebleau" journal, 15 July 1881. This covers events in Fontainebleau district near Paris, so it is implied that she lived there.
He is described in her death notice as "rentier" (person of independent means).

The signatures on the church record of the marriage of Montgomery and Poyer in Paris in 1860.
See full size.

The signatures on the state record of the marriage of Montgomery and Poyer in Paris in 1860.
See full size.

The death of Clémentine-Augustine Poyer in 1881.
From "L'Abeille de Fontainebleau" journal, 15 July 1881.

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