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This page is purely speculation, that Saladin could be connected to Montgomery.
Susan Montgomery had a natural child, Auguste Henry Saladin Montgomery, born in Paris in Apr 1818. She did not marry the father.
This page is purely speculation that Auguste Henry Saladin could be the father.
Caution that we have no evidence he is the father other than the name, but the combination of names is extremely rare, even unique.

Antoine Charles Benjamin Saladin,
born 1757, either in Paris or in Geneva, Switzerland.
From the wealthy family of Saladin de Crans.
Of Chateau de Crans, in Crans, N of Geneva, Switzerland. See map and 3D view and street view.

He mar 1783 or 1784, London, to Elizabeth Egerton.
She was dau of William Egerton, MP, grandson of John Egerton, 3rd Earl of Bridgewater.
See her ancestors. She descends through Stanley and Clifford and Brandon from Henry VII.

Antoine moved to Paris. He lived at 9, rue d'Aguesseau, central Paris (see map). In the modern numbering no.9 is an impressive building (see street view).
He was an "administrateur de la Manufacture des glaces" (director or administrator of a glass manufacturer).
Elizabeth died 1810. See inventory after her death, 1810. Lists her as of 9, rue d'Aguesseau.
Antoine died 1814. See inventory after his death, 1814. Lists him as of 9, rue d'Aguesseau. And here.
See their grave in Paris.
They had issue:

  1. Auguste Henry Saladin,
    or Auguste Henri Saladin, or Henri Auguste Saladin,
    born 16 February 1789, Geneva, Switzerland.
    See entry in tree by Laurent Ducor.
    See entry in tree by Lionel Rossellat.
    See entry in tree by "Pierfit".
    He lived at family home, 9, rue d'Aguesseau, Paris.
    Like his father he is listed as an "administrateur de la Manufacture des glaces" (director or administrator of a glass manufacturer). Must have taken over his father's business.
    An education record posted here shows the man of Geneva is also the man of Paris.
    He died unmarried in 1818, before Nov 1818, age 29 yrs.
    His death record seems to say he died 12 Oct 1818 at Crans, Switzerland.
    Though [Notices genealogiques sur les familles genevoises] says died in Paris.
    See inventory after his death, date 26 Nov 1818.

Extract (pp.531-532) from SALADIN (pp.520-533) in Notices genealogiques sur les familles genevoises, vol.2 (1892). Also here.

"Auguste Henri Saladin", born in Geneva in 1789, living in Paris.
Education record posted here.


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