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Milltown House on 1887 to 1913 map.
See modern satellite view and street view of entrance.

James McDonnell,
"Jobber Jim",
born 1821, Milltown House, S of Askeaton, Co. Limerick.
See entry in tree by Alan Johnson.
He mar 1852 to Margaret Nolan [bapt 11 Oct 1825].
They had issue:

  1. Charles McDonnell, born 1853.
  2. Catherine McDonnell, born 1854, must have died young.
  3. Anne McDonnell, born 1856, must have died young.
  4. Catherine McDonnell, born 1857.

  5. James McDonnell, born 1858.
    He mar Mary Hanna.
    Lived Court Lodge, Rathkeale.
    "J. McDonnell" is listed as nephew of Julia Nolan at her death 1926.
    Mary died 1940.
    James died 1944.
    They had issue:

    1. Neil Fitzjames McDonnell, born 13 July 1894.
      He mar Mary Agnes Chawke.
      Lived Court Lodge, Rathkeale.
      He died 1968.
      She died 1982.
      They had issue:

      1. Miriam McDonnell.
        She mar Patrick Johnson and had issue.

  6. Cornelius McDonnell, born 1860.
  7. Sister Mary Bernard McDonnell, born 1862, nun.
  8. Anne McDonnell, born 1863.
  9. Thomas McDonnell, born 1866, must have died young.
  10. Margaret McDonnell, born 1868.

  11. Thomas McDonnell, born 1870.
    "T. McDonnell" is listed as nephew of Julia Nolan at her death 1926.

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