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Unknown portrait inherited by Richard Johnson family.
Unidentified. Could be Johnson or Fitzgibbon or McCoy.
See larger and full size.
Front or back do not explain who this is.
Written on back is "R JONSTON" and "26 X 22". Clearly instructions for the framer, with the name of the customer mis-spelled by the workman.

Richard Charles Johnson.
He mar 1894 to Anne Fitzgibbon [born 1858].
They lived Rathkeale, Co.Limerick.
He was a Bank Manager and gentleman farmer.
Richard and Anne had issue:

  1. Richard Johnson,
    Richard Daniel Fitzgibbon Johnson, born 1895, Rathkeale,
    bapt 24 Feb 1895, Rathkeale.

  2. Daniel Johnson,
    Daniel Fitzgibbon Johnson, Dan,
    bapt 19 Aug 1898, Rathkeale.
    At mar 1928 he is gentleman farmer and auctioneer, living Rathkeale House, Rathkeale.
    Not sure if same place as 18th century Rathkeale House.
    He mar 15 February 1928 to Catherine Hartigan.
    They mar at or near Rathkeale. See mar cert from here.
    Lived Maryfield House, Rathkeale.
    They had issue:

    1. Richard Johnson.
      DNA match to Mary McCoy. (Would be through McCoy.)

    2. Patrick Johnson.
      He mar Miriam McDonnell.
      They had issue:

      1. Patrick Johnson.
      2. Charles Johnson.

      3. Alan Johnson.
        DNA match to Niall Humphreys. (Would be through Nolan.)

      4. Leslie Johnson.
      5. Paul Johnson.

  3. Edwin Johnson.
    He wit brother's mar 1928.

  4. Philomena Johnson [Phil].

Close-up of above unknown portrait.
See larger and full size.

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