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Richard Charles Johnson,
mar 1894 to Anne Fitzgibbon [born 1858],
they lived Rathkeale, Co.Limerick,
had issue:

  1. Richard Johnson,
    Richard Daniel Fitzgibbon Johnson, born 1895, Rathkeale,
    bapt 24 Feb 1895, Rathkeale.
    He was educ at UCD in Dublin. BA 1915. LLB 1917.
    When he was a student up in Dublin, in the aftermath of the 1916 Rising, he was asked by his distant relatives, the family of The O'Rahilly, to help search for the body of The O'Rahilly. The O'Rahilly was killed in action in a charge up Moore St in Dublin. Killed with him in the charge was Paddy Shortis.
    Much later, Richard married Paddy's sister.

    Richard was involved in the Sinn Fein Courts during the War of Independence.
    He mar pre-1937 to Anne Shortis [sister of Paddy Shortis, see tree].
    Richard was a district court judge in Kerry.
    In 1958, he bought Blennerville House, Blennerville, Co.Kerry (the former Blennerhassett and Chute house).
    He died 1975, Blennerville.
    Richard and Anne had issue:

    1. Richard Johnson, born 1937.
      He became a High Court judge in 1987.
      President of the High Court 2006-2009.
      He died 2019.

  2. Daniel Johnson,
    Daniel Fitzgibbon Johnson,
    bapt 19 Aug 1898, Rathkeale,
    mar Catherine Hartigan,
    had issue:

    1. Richard Johnson.
      DNA match to Mary McCoy. (Would be through McCoy.)

    2. Patrick Johnson,
      mar --- McDonnell,
      had issue:

      1. Alan Johnson.
        DNA match to Niall Humphreys. (Would be through Nolan.)

Paddy Shortis


1966 interview of rebel Tom Devine, who was with Paddy Shortis in the charge up Moore St in the 1916 Rising.
24 minute interview for "Portraits 1916", RTE TV, 1966.
From 11:10 to 14:40 he gives an account of the charge and the death of Paddy Shortis and The O'Rahilly.

Plaque to Paddy Shortis, Ballybunion, Co.Kerry.
This is on the Shortis family pub where he was born.
This survives today. Called Shortis' bar, or The Bunker Lounge.
See wider street view. It is opposite "Cissie Mac's".
Photo from here.
Note the plaque is similar to the plaque to The O'Rahilly in Ballylongford, Co.Kerry.

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