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Cornelius Nolan

Grave of Cornelius Nolan and Catherine McMahon and Cornelius' parents.
Knockpatrick, Co.Limerick.
Photo 2013. See full size.

Cornelius Nolan,
born 1800 or 1801.
See entry in tree by Paddy Waldron.

He mar pre-1825 to Catherine McMahon.
She would be born 1803, by age on grave.
But given birth of her youngest child, she was probably born around 1807.

Cornelius was a farmer. Lived Ballyane House, Ballyane, Co.Limerick (just W of Waterpark).
[Jim Nolan tree] says "Con went to Ballyann when he married".
[Jim Nolan tree] has a date "1834" for them, but it is unclear what this date could be.
"Conr. Nolan" is listed at Ballyane House in [Tithe Survey, 1833]. He is occupying a large titheable holding of 80 acres (the largest plot in the townland) and a further untitheable holding of 1 acre.
"Cornelius Nolan" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1852] as holding plot no.2 (Ballyane House) in Ballyane, 91 acres. He is renting from John C. White. The plot has some small buildings which he rents out. Ballyane House is the largest plot in the townland, and the largest house in the townland.

Catherine died 3 Aug 1871.
Grave says age 68 yrs, but given birth of youngest child this may be inaccurate.
She was bur Knockpatrick.
Cornelius is listed as farmer at dau's mar 1870 and son's mar 1871.
He died Ballyane, 3 May 1873, age 72 yrs [grave] or age 73 [GROI]. Listed as farmer.
See transcript in [GROI].
He was bur Knockpatrick.
Cornelius and Catherine had issue:

  1. Margaret Nolan,
    bapt 11 Oct 1825 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp James McMahon and Catherine Nolan.
    She mar 1852 to James McDonnell and had issue.

  2. Mariam Nolan,
    bapt 12 Mar 1829 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Patrick McMahon and Bridget McMahon,
    she might be "Mary" listed on [Jim Nolan tree].

  3. James Nolan,
    bapt 21 July 1831 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Thomas Nolan and Margaret McMahon,
    James C. Nolan,
    of Ballyane House, Ballyane, Co.Limerick.

  4. Ellen Nolan,
    born Co.Limerick, bapt 7 Oct 1833 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Patrick O'Brien and Margaret Nolan.
    She mar Tim Danaher [Timothy, born 1828, Co.Limerick, son of Philip Danaher and Bridget Sheehy].
    They lived at a place called The Mount, in the townland of Moyreen, Kilcolman par, Co.Limerick.
    "Timothy Danaher" is listed as farmer, Moyreen, Dunmoylan, under Kilcolman in [Postal Directory of Munster, 1886].
    They are listed at Moyreen in 1901 census. He is "farmer". They have 2 farm servants.
    They had issue:

    1. Cornelius Danaher,
      bapt 18 May 1861 [Kilcolman and Coolcappa RC par records], sp Cornelius Nolan and Mary Purtill.

    2. Mary Danaher,
      born 1873, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census, unmarried.

    3. Timothy Danaher,
      born 1874, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census, unmarried,
      inherited the farm at Moyreen,
      mar --- Commane, no issue,
      listed as nephew of Julia Nolan at her death 1926.

    4. Ellen Danaher,
      born 1876, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census, unmarried.

    5. Elizabeth Danaher,
      Eliza, born 1877, Co.Limerick,
      at home in 1901 census, unmarried,
      listed as niece of Julia Nolan at her death 1926.

    6. Agnes Danaher,
      born 1879, Co.Limerick [mother age 46],
      at home in 1901 census, unmarried.

    7. 9 other children, Danaher.

  5. Anna Nolan, Annie,
    bapt 21 May 1835 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp James McMahon and Anna Nolan.
    She poss. mar --- Finucane, no issue.
    Or this is poss. confusion with her 1st cousin Annie Nolan who mar Finucane.
    [Jim Nolan tree] says she mar --- Mangan [a relation of the poet Mangan].
    Though this might be confusion with her aunt Ellen Nolan.

  6. Thomas Nolan, Tom,
    bapt 2 May 1836 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp James Nolan and Catherine Donovan,
    lawyer, went to USA,
    mar in USA to ----, no issue.

  7. Bridget Nolan,
    bapt 12 Apr 1838 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp David O'Brien and Catherine O'Brien,
    mar 1870 to William Nolan and had issue.

  8. Elizabeth Nolan,
    bapt 9 July 1839 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp James Nolan and Helen O'Brien,
    mar --- O'Rourke (think this is what [Jim Nolan tree] says).

  9. Johanna Nolan,
    bapt 21 June 1841 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Catherine Nolan.

  10. Alice Nolan,
    bapt 7 Nov 1842 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp John McMahon and Catherine Kennedy.

  11. Kate Nolan,
    listed on [Jim Nolan tree].

  12. John Nolan,
    died in infancy,
    listed on [Jim Nolan tree].

  13. Joe Nolan,
    died in infancy,
    listed on [Jim Nolan tree].

  14. Agnes Nolan,
    bapt 21 Apr 1845 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Thomas Nolan and Margaret Nolan.
    Living Ballyane at mar.
    She mar 28 February 1870 to John Fitzgerald and had issue.
    They mar at Shanagolden RC church. See mar cert from here.

  15. Julia Nolan,
    bapt 18 June 1849 [Shanagolden RC par records], sp Gerald O'Connor and Maria McDonnell.
    She died unmarried, St.John's Hospital, Limerick, Fri 25 June 1926 [burial record], or 26 June [grave], age 77 yrs.
    Funeral Sun 27 June 1926 (according to newspaper, though burial record says 28 June).
    She was bur in Fitzgerald grave in Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
    See funeral report in Limerick Chronicle, 3 July 1926.

  16. Dr. Cornelius Nolan,
    Cornelius Joseph, Con,
    born 1853 or 1855, Co.Limerick.
    Marriage says born 1853 (mother age 50).
    Census says born 1855 (mother age 52).
    Can't find baptism.
    Problem: He seems to be born too late for his mother. 50 is so old that it gets you on global lists.
    Solution: Probably the mother was actually younger than grave says. We are only going by the age on her grave. We do not have her baptism. Probably she was born around 1807. That is probably the answer.

    Dr. Cornelius is described as nephew of Margaret Nolan at her death.
    He is definitely sibling of Julia and the others, but can't find his baptism.

Dr. Cornelius Nolan, in the dispute of the will of his aunt, said that his parents had 23 children.
Among the daughters are:

  1. (dau) Nolan,
    mar --- Lynch,
    lived Riverside Drive, New York.

  2. (dau) Nolan,
    mar --- O'Sullivan.

  3. (dau) Nolan,
    mar --- McDonnell [a second McDonnell, not the James McDonnell above],
    had issue:

    1. Michael McDonnell,
      [Donovan, 2010] says he is nephew of Dr. Cornelius Nolan,
      solicitor in Rathkeale, Coroner,
      signed a welcome to Fenian John Daly in Rathkeale in 1897,
      died age 33 yrs, funeral in Rathkeale.

    IRA man Denis McDonnell of Shanagolden (born 15 Oct 1898) is a member of this family.

Grave of Julia Nolan (died 1926).
With the Fitzgerald graves, Mount St. Lawrence cemetery, Limerick.
Photo 2014. See full size.


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