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Alexander Fowlie (presumably NOT "Alaxander"),
mar Elizabeth Salter and had issue:

Alexander Fowlie,
born 25th June 1855, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, somewhat to the N of Inverurie,
census of (4th Apr) 1881 has him at 10 Village Rd, Alford, age 25, listed as "carpenter",
census of 1891 shows him as "carpenter", living in Hawthorn Cottage, Alford; Henry Noltie, apprentice carpenter, living as a boarder with him and his family; he would soon marry Henry's sister,
living Woodlands, parish of Durris, Aberdeenshire, at mar 1892,
mar 1892, Alford, to Mary Ann Noltie [born 29th Mar 1864],
he died 15th Nov 1935, "Banchery", age 80 yrs,
this must be either Banchory, Aberdeenshire, SW of Aberdeen, or Banchory-Devenick in Aberdeen city,
she died 24th Dec 1948, 78 Whitehall Place, Aberdeen, age 84 yrs, of "cerebral haemorrhage" [GRO.Scot],
had issue:

  1. Henry Fowlie,
    Henry Alexander Fowlie, born 15th May 1895, Glengarry (unidentified), Scotland,
    reported his mother's death 1948 [GRO.Scot],
    reported the death of his mother's 1st cousin Ann Mitchell Noltie [born 1872] in 1951 [GRO.Scot], he was then living at 78 Whitehall Place, Aberdeen,
    died 13th May 1958, age 62 yrs.

  2. George Noltie Fowlie,
    born 19th Dec 1896, Glengarry,
    mar 23rd June 1928, St.Giles, Edinburgh, to Grace Mackinnon,
    died 13th Mar 1965, age 68 yrs.

  3. Alexander Fowlie,
    Alexander Stewart Fowlie, born 13th Oct 1898, Durria (unidentified), Scotland,
    mar 16th Apr 1930, Elgin, Moray, N Scotland, to Margaret Gammie [born 30th Mar 1896],
    she died 6th Mar 1976, age 79 yrs,
    he died 20th Jan 1985, age 86 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Ian Marshall Fowlie, mar Mary Metcalfe and had issue:
      1. Caroline Fowlie.
      2. John Fowlie.
      3. David Fowlie.

  4. Bruce Fowlie,
    James Bruce Fowlie, born 13th Aug 1900, Longside, Aberdeenshire (W of Peterhead, far N of Aberdeen),
    godmother was his aunt Annie Bruce, named after her surname,
    mar 4th Feb 1928, Morningside, Edinburgh, to Doris Smith [Doris Annie, born 18th Nov 1900],
    she died 24th Sept 1982, age 81 yrs,
    he died c.1992, age c.92 yrs,
    had issue:

    1. Stewart Fowlie, mar Jean Bell and had issue:
      1. June Marion Fowlie.
      2. Jill Fowlie.
      3. Graham Fowlie.
    2. Shiela Marion Fowlie, mar Ian Andrew Gerald Ross.

Left to Right: Henry Fowlie, Hugh Noltie, Mary Ann Noltie, Alexander Fowlie.
Photo c.1915 at Clola, NE Aberdeenshire (see map and close-up).
See full size. See cleaned up version (scratch removed).

Screenshot 2008 of street view at Clola, Aberdeenshire.
The low building in the yard seems to match the building in the photo above.

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