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Henry Noltie

Henry Noltie and Isabella Stephen.
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Henry Noltie,
born 8th Oct 1872, family farm, East Gallowhill, near Alford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
He was a carpenter/joiner.
Census of 5th Apr 1891 shows him age 18, "apprentice carpenter", living as a boarder in Hawthorn Cottage, Alford, with the family of Alexander Fowlie, carpenter (who would soon marry his sister Mary Ann in 1892).
He is listed as "house carpenter, journeyman" at mar 1897.
By the time of his mar 1897, he had already left Scotland and moved to England, and was living 173 Grange Rd, Ilford, Essex (W of Romford, basically NE Greater London).

He mar Apr 1897, St.Andrew's church, King St, Aberdeen, to Isabella Stephen [born 16th May 1870].
Wedding invite says 7 Apr. [GRO.Scot] says 8 Apr.

They immediately settled in England.
He is listed as "carpenter journeyman", living 173 Grange Rd, Ilford, at dau's birth 1898 and son's birth 1899.
At dau's birth 1903 they are living 49 Curzon St, Reading, to the W of London (see map), he is listed as "carpenter".
At son's birth 1907 he is listed as "journeyman carpenter", living 76 Pembroke Rd, Seven Kings, Essex.
At dau's death 1911 he is listed as "carpenter journeyman", living 76 Pembroke Rd, Seven Kings.
At dau's mar 1928 he is "builder's foreman", living 76 Pembroke Rd.
They later moved to 46 Osborne Rd (NOT Osbourne), Hornchurch, Essex (near Gidea Park and Romford, see map), there from at least 1932 until death 1947.
He is listed as "builder's foreman" at son's marriages 1932 and 1937.
He is listed as "builder's foreman (retired)" at wife's death 1943 and own death 1947.

Isabella dies, 1943:
She died 26th Mar 1943, 1 Oldchurch Rd, Romford, Essex, age 72 yrs [GRO.UK].
She was bur Ilford family grave.
No death notice found in initial search of Ilford Recorder.
Henry was living with son Henry at 46 Osborne Rd at death.

Henry dies, 1947:
He died 10th Sept 1947, London Hospital, Central London, age 74 yrs [GRO.UK].
He was bur Ilford family grave.
Henry and Isabella had issue:

  1. Isabel Lucy Noltie,
    born 1 Apr 1898, 173 Grange Rd, Ilford [GRO.UK].
    She died 8 Dec 1911, Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer St, C London (see map), age 13 yrs, of "acute nephritis, heart failure" [GRO.UK].
    She was bur Ilford family grave.

  2. Henry Noltie,
    born 17 Oct 1899, 173 Grange Rd, Ilford [GRO.UK].
    He did not marry. He was a recluse.
    Lived family home, 46 Osborne Rd, Hornchurch, Essex.
    He died in hospital, c.1976, age c.77 yrs (or poss. c.1980).

  3. Margaret Noltie,
    Margaret Annie, Peggy,
    born 13 Feb 1903, family home, 49 Curzon St, Reading [GRO.UK].
    At mar 1928 she is living with parents at 76 Pembroke Rd.
    She mar 7 July 1928 to Leonard Grigg [Leonard Stanley Grigg, Len, born 1902, son of John Stanley Grigg].
    At mar he is listed as chartered accountant, living 4 Cardigan Gardens, Goodmayes, Ilford, NE London (see map).
    They mar at Wesleyan Methodist church, High Rd, Goodmayes [GRO.UK].
    She wit her brother's mar 1932.
    They had issue:

    1. Margaret Grigg, mar John Mawby and had issue:
      1. Hilary Mawby.
      2. Bridget Mawby.

  4. Hugh Noltie,
    Hugh Alexander Noltie,
    born 16 Feb 1907 (NOT 1906), family home, 76 Pembroke Rd, Seven Kings, Essex [GRO.UK].
    He called his house in England (17 Fanshawe Crescent, Hornchurch, Essex) "Kirriemuir", after Kirriemuir, N of Dundee. Don't know why.

Henry Noltie and possibly his sister Agnes Noltie.
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Front: Isabella Stephen and Henry Noltie.
On holiday in Ireland, 1912.
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Henry Noltie (senior, born 1872) with his grand-dau Janet Noltie, Oct 1939.
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This is supposed to be Henry Noltie (junior) above, though the note says "died about 1916".
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Henry Noltie (junior) with his niece Janet Noltie, 1939.
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Henry Noltie grave, Ilford, Essex

Henry Noltie and his wife are buried in grave 2085, section M, in the Municipal Cemetery, Buckingham Rd, Ilford, Essex (see map).
Go in the Buckingham Rd entrance, past the chapel on your RHS (the small chapel in the graveyard, NOT the large St.Mary's church to the N), then grave is on RHS (just SE of chapel, not far from Stanley Rd boundary).
Grave is NOT in the adjacent St.Mary's cemetery.

Henry Noltie grave, Ilford.
Photos 2009.
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See wider shot and wider shot from back showing chapel.

Location of Henry Noltie grave, Ilford.
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From Google Maps.

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