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Sometimes written Gallivan or Galivan.

Grave of Thomas Galvin and his dau Ellen Galvin.
Duagh Cemetery, Co.Kerry.
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From Used with permission. See here.


Jeremiah Galvin,
had issue:

  1. Thomas Galvin,
    Tom, born Co.Kerry,
    born 1848, or 1847 [by age at death] or 1851 [by age in census].
    He mar 1stly, pre-1885, to ----.
    She died 1885-1888.
    Thomas had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Jerry Galvin,
      born 1885, Co.Kerry,
      would be Jeremiah, after grandfather,
      at home in 1901 census, age 16.

    At mar 1888 he is listed as a widower, farmer, of (must be Banemore, Kilfeighny par, SW side of Listowel, Co.Kerry, see map).
    He mar 2ndly, 14 February 1888, to Ellen O'Callaghan [born 13 November 1857].
    Farmer at Finuge (SW side of Listowel, closer to Listowel than Banemore).
    Listed as of Finuge at children's bapts 1889 to 1902.
    They are listed at Finuge in 1901 census. He is farmer. They have 2 servants.

    Thomas dies, 1903:
    He died Finuge, 7 Oct 1903.
    See death cert from [GROI]. From here. Death registered 7 Nov 1903. He is listed as farmer.
    He was bur Duagh Cemetery, some distance SE of Listowel, Co.Kerry (see map and street view).
    Grave lists him as of Finuge, but (grave probably erected years later) inaccurately lists death as 4 Oct 1904.

    Mrs. Galvin, of Finuge, is listed as "aunt-in-law" of Michael O'Callaghan at his funeral 1907.
    Mrs. Galvin, Listowel, listed at her mother's funeral 1909.
    She is listed at Finuge in 1911 census. She is farmer, widow. They have 1 servant.
    Thomas had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Margaret Galvin,
      Maggie, born 6 Apr 1889, Finuge,
      see birth cert from [GROI], from here,
      bapt "Mary Galvin" (maybe a mis-reading), 10 April 1889 [Listowel RC par records], sp Jeremiah Callaghan and Johanna Shea,
      at home in 1901 census,
      registered father's death 1903,
      listed as grand-dau of Nora Carmody at funeral 1909,
      at home in 1911 census, single.

    2. Ellen Galvin,
      Ellie, Nellie, Nelly, born Co.Kerry,
      bapt Ellen Mary Galvin, 1 June 1890 [Listowel RC par records], sp Gerald Joy and Mary Fitzgerald.
      She is at home in 1901 census.
      Listed as of Finuge at mar.
      She mar 30 July 1908 [her age 18, him age 21], St.James' RC church, Dublin,
      to John Horgan [bapt 30 March 1887] and had issue.
      See mar cert from [GROI]. From here. Wit by Jeremiah O'Callaghan and Annie McDarby.
      Mar cert lists them both as "minors" but this is not true (he was 21). It also lists John's father wrong.
      Why did two people from Listowel get married in Dublin?
      The explanation may be that her dau Irene was born 2 weeks before their marriage.

    3. Richard Galvin,
      bapt 11 June 1891 [Listowel RC par records], sp Richard McElligott and Mary Riordan,
      not found in 1901 census.

    4. Molly Galvin,
      Mollie, born 1891 or 1893 (by age in census), Co.Kerry,
      can't find bapt,
      at home in 1911 census.

    5. Catherine Galvin,
      bapt 14 June 1893 [Listowel RC par records], sp Patrick Maher and Margaret Galvin,
      must have died young, there is another Catherine.

    6. Maurice Joseph Galvin,
      bapt 21 April 1895 [Listowel RC par records], sp Joseph Sullivan and Catherine Sullivan,
      not found in 1901 census.

    7. James Galvin,
      born 1895 or 1896 (by age in census), Co.Kerry,
      can't find baptism,
      listed as grandson of Nora Carmody at funeral 1909, he is of Listowel,
      at home in 1911 census.
      The Horgan family remembered "gran Uncle Jim Galvin lived at 43 Eamon street Dublin".
      So he is the James Galvin who was a grocer at 49 Amiens St, Dublin (beside Lloyd's pub).
      Not listed at Amiens St in [Thom's, 1953].
      "Galvins, provisions", 49 Amiens St, listed in [Thom's, 1958].
      "James Galvin, grocer", 49 Amiens St, listed in [Thom's, 1971].

    8. Bridget Galvin,
      born 9 February 1897, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 14 February 1897 [Listowel RC par records], sp Jeremiah Callaghan and Ellen Galvin,
      at home in 1911 census.

    9. Catherine Mary Galvin,
      born 8 January 1899, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 11 January 1899 [Listowel RC par records], sp Martin Galvin and Catherine Galvin,
      she would be "Kathleen" age 2 in 1901 census,
      she would be "Kathleen" age 10 in 1911 census.

    10. Thomas Galvin,
      born 19 May 1900, Co.Kerry,
      bapt 20 May 1900 [Listowel RC par records], sp John Moran and Mary Moran,
      at home in 1901 census,
      not listed in 1911 census.

    11. Honora Galvin,
      born 10 July 1902, bapt 13 July 1902 [Listowel RC par records], sp Michael Galvin and Mary Galvin,
      not listed in 1911 census.

Thomas Galvin marriage cert 1888.
Seems to list him as of Banemore, SW of Listowel.
See full size.

Ellen O'Callaghan and her son and two daughters at the funeral of Ellen's mother Nora Carmody 1909.
See full size.

James Galvin, grocer, 49 Amiens St, Dublin.
From p.16 of [Thoms, 1971].
See also p.826.

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