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John O'Mara

John O'Mara,
John McManus O'Mara, born Oct 1842,
bapt 9 June 1843, Limerick.

He and his family emigrated to North America.
He is described in letter of 28 Nov 1868 as "Cashier" in a "Packing House".
He is listed in Apr 1871 census at home with parents in London, Ontario. He is "clerk".
Marriage entry says he is clerk, living London at mar.

He mar June 7, 1871 at St. Peter's R.C. Cathedral, London, Ontario, to Catherine Shrimpton [Catherine Charlotte Shrimpton, born June 3, 1853 in London, Ontario, dau of Henry Mark Shrimpton and Catherine Charlotte O'Callaghan].
See mar entry from here. Mar wit by Henry Shrimpton and Anne Duffey.

Letter of Oct 1871 says he is married.
He is described in letter of 1872 as "Foreman of a Packing House" in Canada (think in or near London, Ontario).
He wrote in winter 1874-75 or earlier to Stephen O'Mara. He is involved in bacon business in Canada. He says he was in London yesterday seeing his parents. He says he has "just got a subpoena to attend a case of considerable importance in Toronto". He talks about coming back to Limerick in the summer for a visit. He must be doing well if he can contemplate that.

One 1874/1875 directory of London lists him as Clerk, living in father's house, 188 Dundas St, London. Another 1874/1875 directory of London lists him as living with brother Michael at 69 Dundas St, London, where they run "O'Mara Bros, Pork Packers".
[1876/1877 directory] and [1877/1878 directory] and [1878/1879 directory] list him at 69 Dundas St. Listed as "labourer" and "clerk".

He and Michael took over father's business in London, Ontario.
[Goodspeed, 1889] says he and Michael continued father's business in London, Ontario, after father died 1878.
He is at home with mother and siblings in 1881 census. He is married but his wife is not there. He is "pork packer".
Listed at death as a "store keeper".
He died 2 Feb 1885, London, Ontario, age 42 yrs 4 months, or an "abcess" [death record].
He was bur St Peter's RC Cemetery, London, Ontario.
Inscription: "In memory of John M. O'Mara, died Feb 2, 1885 age 42 yrs."

Catherine mar 2ndly, 17 Feb 1890, Sarnia, Ontario, to John Scantlebury [born Cornwall, England].
He is "gentleman", widower, living Port Huron at mar.
See mar entry from here. Methodist marriage. "Shrimpton" written as "Simpson" but it lists her parents clearly, and says she is a widow.
She is listed as age 28 at mar. In fact she was 36. He looks like age 70 at mar.

Grave of John O'Mara.
This is other side of his father Andrew O'Mara's gravestone.
St Peter's RC Cemetery, London, Ontario.
Photo by Corinna Rumble, 2013-2016.
From here in CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project.

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