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My ancestors - O'Mara - Contents

Patricia Lavelle papers

Papers of my grandaunt Patricia Lavelle.
These copies made by me in the 1980s.
Originals since lost.
I am going to give them numbers beginning with "PAT", so I can refer to them elsewhere.

Usage in site

Images of Patricia Lavelle papers used in this site:


Patricia O'Mara (later Lavelle).
Portrait 1922 (age 24).
See full size and original and alternative shot.


Her father's (O'Mara) side

Family history (surviving fragments of different writings with different page numbers):

Some rather random writings on pagan and ancient Ireland:

Family trees:


Her mother's (Cashel) side

Family history:

Family trees:



NLI papers

Typed undated family history notes by Patricia Lavelle found in Ms 21551.

Jehan letters

Blennerhassett letters. Not part of Lavelle papers, but included here for comparison.

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