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Dick Lavelle

(Left) Dick Lavelle in 1921. See full size.
(Right) Patricia O'Mara in 1920. See full size. See similar shot.


Dick Lavelle,
Dr. Richard Joseph Lavelle, born 29 Jan 1894, Tuam, Co.Galway.
He was educ UCG (Medicine). He met Pat O'Mara when both at UCG.

There was a story during the War of Independence: In Nov 1920, Dick McKee, Commandant of the Dublin Brigade IRA, asked Dick Lavelle if he knew anywhere a load of explosives could be hidden. Steen O'Mara arranged that they could be hidden in stables of O'Mara house in Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin. But a few days later McKee was arrested and shot without trial (21st Nov 1920) in the reprisals on Bloody Sunday. No one collected the explosives. They survived a British search. They were not found until one morning in Feb 1922, long after Steen and Pat's father James O'Mara returned from the US. He was furious.

Dick didn't get married until he got his first job, 1924.
He mar 2nd Jan 1924 to Patricia O'Mara [Pat, born 23rd July 1898, descendant through Blennerhassett of Edward III].
His first job, 1924-26, was as dispensary doctor, Ballyhaise, Co.Cavan.
From 1926 to 1934/35 he was doctor in Letterfrack, Connemara, Co.Galway.
They lived Garraunbaun House, Connemara, Co.Galway (a fine Georgian-style house, 5 miles from Letterfrack).
Even after they left, they kept Garraunbaun House as a summer house, went back for years afterwards.
From 1934/35 to 1942 he was doctor, living 5 Mt Pleasant Ave, Ballinasloe, E Co.Galway.
From 1942 to c.1960 he was dispensary doctor, Ardnagreine (or Ardnagreina, or Ard na Greina), Castleknock, Co.Dublin. Listed there in [Thom's, 1944]. Listed as "Medical Officer of Health".
They finally sold Garraunbaun House 1945.

Pat researched her own family tree, her husband's, and even looked at her children's spouses.
She made notes for a book on the family history, but never published. See Patricia Lavelle papers.
She wrote a historical novel, Crumbling Castle, Clonmore and Reynolds, 1949. It is set in Cork starting with the Famine and ending with the Black and Tans.
She deposited James O'Mara papers in [NLI] 1957.
Living Castleknock as at her mother's death 1958.
Living Castleknock as at 1960.
They moved c.1960 to "Verona", Stillorgan Park Ave, Blackrock/Stillorgan, Co.Dublin, there as at 1961.
She wrote biography of her father 1961. She wrote: "I am the story-teller; but I am also a daughter; and the living pulse of his vitality and humanity is bound to flood through these cold pages; for, though a soul may sleep in God, his memory is astir and waking in the hearts of his descendants".

Living "Verona" as at 1963.
Dick died 5th May 1963, age 69 yrs,
bur Glasnevin, beside James O'Mara grave, see street view.
Pat was living "Verona" as at 1965.
She died Richmond Hospital, Dublin, 8th Apr 1966, age 67 yrs, bur Glasnevin.
Dick and Pat had issue:

  1. Ruaire Lavelle, mar Ena Kenny and had issue:
    1. John Lavelle, mar Ursula Barry and had issue:
      1. Ruaire Lavelle.
      2. Kevin Lavelle.
      3. Maeve Lavelle.
    2. Ena Lavelle, mar Dermot Dunnion.
    3. Ruth Lavelle, mar James Campbell and had issue:
      1. Katie Campbell.
      2. Fergus Campbell.

  2. Una Lavelle.

  3. Paddy Lavelle,
    Patrick Dermot, born 1 June 1929, Dublin,
    listed as "Patrick D.M. Lavelle" in [NUI, 1964].

  4. Fr. James Lavelle.

  5. John Lavelle, mar Marie Keenan and had issue:
    1. John Lavelle.
    2. Caroline Lavelle.
    3. Anne Lavelle.

Patricia O'Mara when young


Pat, age 14, 1912. From this picture.

Pat when young. See full size.

Pat, from picture here.

Pat, 1920, think Cashel House.
See full size.

Pat (age 21) on her passport dated 5 March 1920.
She went with her mother to America in Apr 1920 to see her father who was fund-raising there.
See full size. See other copy.


Dick and Pat Lavelle


Pat and Dick Lavelle, Cashel House, Aug 1924.
See larger and full size and other shot.

Pat and Dick Lavelle, Cashel House, 1924.
See larger and full size and other shot.

4 generations - Stephen O'Mara, James O'Mara, Pat Lavelle, Ruaire Lavelle, 1924.
See other scan.

4 generations - Mary Anne Joyner, Delia McGough, Dick Lavelle, Ruaire Lavelle, 1924.
See full size.
See version also including Pat.

Stephen O'Mara, Dick and Pat Lavelle, Ruaire.
Must be 1925.
See full size and original.

Dick, Pat and Una, 1927.

5 Mt Pleasant Ave, Ballinasloe, Co.Galway.
See full size.

Ardnagreine, Castleknock, Co.Dublin.
See full size.
This still exists. Think at junction of Auburn Ave and Castleknock Rd (see map).
See The Dispensary in Castleknock in Castleknock History by Tony Reynolds.

(Left) Dick Lavelle in later life.
(Right) Pat Lavelle in later life.
From mass cards. See other copy.

Grave of Pat and Dick Lavelle, Glasnevin. Photo 2006. See full size.
Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.




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