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Margaret O'Mara

Possibly John Hennessy and Margaret O'Mara.
The back appears to say "John Hennessy".
See full size. Courtesy of Heide Churchward.
See Photo of man who may be a young John Hennessy.

Margaret O'Mara,
bapt 28 Feb 1838, Limerick, Catholic.

She mar 1stly, 23 Sept 1858 [St.John's RC church, Limerick] to John Hennessy [think NOT Hennessey].
Mar wit by James O'Mara (would be her uncle) and (first name left blank) O'Connor.
They lived in Limerick city.
Dau bapt in Limerick in 1859.
Her parents went to North America in 1868.
Her husband died before 1871.
She went to North America with dau before 1871.
She is in North America c.mid 1870s, when she sends photo of her and dau and sister back to family in Limerick.

She mar 2ndly, 10 Nov 1880 [her age 42, him age 50], St.Peter's RC Church, London, Ontario, to John Crotty [born 24 Aug 1830, think Ireland].
He was Catholic. It was his 2nd mar too. He had a number of children by his 1st mar.
Think he was living Bothwell, Ontario, at mar. Think he was NOT born there.
In 1881 census they are living in Bothwell, Ontario, he is listed as "merchant".
They must have moved to Walkerville, Ontario, before 1896, since Polly was living there at her mar.
In 1901 census they are living in Walkerville, Ontario.
John Crotty died 1901-1911.
In 1911 census, Margaret is widow, living with dau Polly at 729 Queens Ave, London, Ontario.
Margaret had issue by 1st husband John Hennessy:

  1. Mary Hennessy,
    "Polly", "Pauline", Mary Catherine, "Mary Katherine" on death cert,
    bapt "Mary Cate", 21 July 1859 [St.Michael's RC church, Limerick city], sp Arthur Kean and Brid O'Mara.
    Her age is accurately written as a child in 1871 census, but as an adult it gets increasingly inaccurate until she has taken over 10 years off her age in 1901 and 1911 census.
    1901 census says born 24 July 1871. Death cert says born 22 or 23 July 1868. Years are inaccurate, and date has to be inaccurate too.
    Father died. She went to North America with mother before 1871.
    She is "Mary Henessy", age 11, listed in April 1871 census with grandfather Andrew O'Mara's family in London, Ontario.
    She is listed in 1881 census, living with mother and stepfather in Bothwell, Ontario.
    "Polly Hennessy" is listed in 1891 census with grandmother's family in London, Ontario.
    She was living Walkerville, Ontario, at mar 1896.
    She mar 1 Oct 1896, in Detroit, Michigan, to Harry Short [William Henry Short] and had issue.


Marriage of Margaret O'Mara and John Hennessy, Limerick, 23 Sept 1858.
From here.

Baptism of Mary (Polly) Hennessy, Limerick, 21 July 1859.
From here.

Elena O'Mara, Margaret O'Mara, Mary Hennessy (Polly, bapt 1859).
Photo c.mid 1870s, taken in North America, sent back to family in Limerick, would be after Margaret's 1st husband died.
See larger and full size.
The back is from "Maggie" to "Uncle James".


This must be John Crotty, c.1880s.
John Crotty signs the back, addressed to his step-dau Polly.
Photo taken in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/909]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

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