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Nancy O'Brien (left) and Kate O'Brien (right).
See larger and full size.
From [P40/910]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Thomas O'Brien,
of Kilfinane, Co.Limerick,
evicted 1852,
came into Limerick city, started as a horse dealer,
rose to become a wealthy horse breeder, and supplier of horses to the army and gentry,
in 1880 he built family home, Boru House, Mulgrave St, Limerick,
presumably named because of O'Brien, male-line descendants of Brian Boru, though presumably he had no known connection to them,
had issue:

Thomas O'Brien,
Tom, born 1853,
mar Katherine Thornhill [Katty, born 1864],
they lived Boru House,
she died 1903, age 39 yrs,
he is listed at Boru House in 1911 census, he is "Horse Dealer",
he died 1916, age 63 yrs, see mass card,
leaving children (adolescent to young adults) orphaned,
he is listed as "horse dealer" (deceased) at dau's mar 1918,
Boru House was sold by the family in 1918 [Walshe, 2006] to the Lloyds,
had among other issue:

  1. Nancy O'Brien, born 31 July 1895,
    born Ann, "Anne" on grave,
    Nance, or Nans,
    think educ UCD, graduated c.1915,
    living Boru House at mar in 1918,
    mar 1918 to Stephen O'Mara [born 5 Jan 1884] and had adopted issue.

  2. Kate O'Brien, the writer (novelist and dramatist),
    born 3rd Dec 1897, Limerick city.

(Left to Right): Kate O'Brien, Jerry O'Brien (Kate and Nancy's brother), Stephen O'Mara, Nancy O'Brien.

Nancy O'Brien and Kate O'Brien and Peter O'Mara (born 1925).
See larger and full size.
From [P40/914]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Boru House

Boru House, Mulgrave St, Limerick. See street view.
Built by O'Brien in 1880.
It is opposite the old Lunatic Asylum (now St. Joseph's Hospital).
Sold by the family in 1918 to Lloyd.
Boru House is now in a bad state. Has suffered vandalism, squatters and fire.

Boru House.
See larger and full size.
From [P40/910]. Used with permission of [UL Archives].

Location of Boru House (red cross) on modern map.
Grounds behind it.

Boru House.
2009 screenshot from street view.

Boru House.
Photo 2014. See full size and other shot.

Boru House and grounds.
From Tom Quinlan.

Inscription "Boru House" and "AD 1880" on front of Boru House.
Sculpture is "The hand of Sarsfield".
Photo 2009. From Tom Quinlan. Also here.

Front gate arch.
Note "M.O'Brien" on front (the builder was Michael O'Brien) and "1880" on side.
Photo 2009. From Tom Quinlan. Also here.

Plaque to Kate O'Brien on front lower LHS of Boru House.
Photo 2009. From Tom Quinlan.
See wider 2014 shot.

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