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John Lloyd, of Portnard

[Andrew Morgan] had the parents of Thomas Lloyd of Portnard and John Lloyd of Caherline as "Tom Lloyd" and Peggy Madden.
However the marriage cert of John Lloyd of Caherline shows his father is John Lloyd, deceased.
And the grave of Thomas Lloyd shows his father as John Lloyd (and mother as Margaret, no surname).
[Griffiths Valuation, 1851] also shows John, not Tom.

John Lloyd, born est c.1795,
of Portnard, Tuogh par, Co.Limerick.
He is possibly descended from Burgh and hence from Edward I.
He was apparently born Protestant, became Catholic.
Lived at Portnard in the second biggest house, while the Protestant Lloyds (his possible relations) lived in the biggest house (Portnard House).
He mar Margaret Madden [Peggy].
"John Lloyd" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1851] at Portnard. He is renting from Rev. Rickard Lloyd, who holds the entire townland and lives in the big house, Portnard House. John Lloyd is renting 108 acres from Rev. Rickard Lloyd and lives in the second biggest house in the townland (though much smaller than Portnard House), plot 8a.

He died Jan 1863, or 31 Jan 1853 [two grave readings].
He was bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick, in same grave as his son Thomas.
Margaret fl at his death, erected his gravestone.
He is listed on his son John's marriage cert 1867 as John Lloyd, farmer, deceased.
John and Margaret had issue:

  1. Thomas Lloyd,
    born 1827 or 1829, Co.Limerick.
    Catholic at marriage (and probably at birth).
    He inherited Portnard, Co.Limerick.
    He would be "Thomas Lloyd" who wit his brother John's mar 1867.
    At mar he is "gentleman farmer", of Cappamore (Portnard).

    He mar 20 July 1869 to Ellen Rice [born 1850, Co.Tipperary, Catholic, Ellen Mary, "Elsie", "Elizabeth"].
    They mar at Queenstown (Cobh), Co.Cork. See [Cobh, Co.Cork, RC par records].
    See mar cert from here. Mar wit by Patrick A. Fitzgerald and Catherine M. Rice.
    Thomas is said to have lived at Landscape, Ballyvoneen (near Pallas Grean New) and farmed at Portnard.
    "Thomas Lloyd, Portnard" is listed among the farmers in Cappamore in [Guy's, 1893].
    They are listed at Portnard in 1901 census. Her age cannot be accurate.
    Thomas is listed at Portnard in 1911 census. Ellen is absent.
    The Protestant Lloyds seem to have left the big house, Portnard House, by 1913.

    Thomas died at Portnard, 29 Mar 1914, age 85 or 87 yrs.
    See death cert from here.
    He was bur Towerhill, Co.Limerick, beside the grave of his brother John.
    Probate of Thomas Lloyd was granted 1914 at Limerick to Edward Lloyd. (todo) See [NAI].

    Ellen is listed as living Portnard House in 1927.
    She died 17 Nov 1927, St.John's Hospital, Limerick, age 77 yrs.
    See death cert from here.
    See death notice in Irish Independent, November 19, 1927.
    Thomas and Ellen had issue:

    1. Thomas Lloyd,
      Thomas Edward Lloyd, born 1873, Co.Limerick,
      bapt 7 Sept 1873 [Cappamore RC par records], sp Denis Kilbride and Teresa Rice.
      Listed with father at Portnard in 1911 census.
      His father died 1914.
      He moved from Portnard and Landscape into Limerick city after purchasing Boru House, Mulgrave St, Limerick, from O'Brien in 1918.
      He mar 1 February 1922, Dublin, to Mary Madden.
      See mar cert from here.
      Living Boru House at birth of daughter in Dec 1922. See birth cert.
      He died 1955, age 82 yrs.
      He is grandfather of:

      1. Tom Quinlan,
        researching family history.

  2. John Lloyd,
    born 1833 or 1835, Co.Limerick,
    Catholic at marriage (and probably at birth),
    of Caherline House (came to Caherline after 1852 and by 1867).

Financial dispute between Ellen Rice (widow of Thomas Lloyd) and her sons.
Limerick Leader, February 19, 1927.
Says she lives at Portnard House.

Towerhill graveyard

Towerhill graveyard (old Tuogh church), S of Cappamore, E Co.Limerick.
See old map and modern street view.

Thomas Lloyd grave (raised flat slab), Towerhill graveyard.
John Lloyd grave (cross) beside it in background.
Photo 2013. See full size.

Lloyd graves (graves 302 and 303) on plan of Towerhill graves.
Plan is very inaccurate. Street view shows that Lloyd graves are in gate, half-way up on RHS, near wall.

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