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Stephen O'Mara

Marriage of Stephen O'Mara and Osra O'Dwyer, 1942.
From Irish Press, October 24, 1942.

Stephen O'Mara,
born 28th Apr 1916.
He is listed as "company director" at mar, living family home, 81 Merrion Rd, Dublin.

He mar 9 Sept 1942 to Osra O'Dwyer [born 1921, NOT Ossra, NOT Ozra].
She was dau of John O'Dwyer, civil servant, of "Glenmuir", Palmerston Rd, Rathgar, Dublin.
They mar at Rathgar RC church, Dublin. See mar cert from here.
Stephen's uncle Fr.Paddy did the wedding.

They lived "Monaleen", 3 Neville Rd, Rathgar, Dublin. See modern street view. Listed there in [Thom's]. at least 1945 to 1951. Listed there at dau's death in 1953.
Stephen took over running the family firm, Donnelly's bacon factory, Dublin.
Managing Director of Donnellys from at least 1958 until it closed 1967.
The company was making a lot of money. Spent a lot of money on a new building c.1962-64.
Stephen was trying to retire from running it. A manager took over running it.
Stephen was still Managing Director of Donnellys in 1966. See item in Irish Times, 28 June 1966, p.10.
Donnelly's got into financial difficulty and went into liquidation 1967.

Stephen set up a business in Wicklow making plastic fireproof doors.
Lived "Monaleen", Torquay Rd, Foxrock, Co.Dublin. Listed there in 1969. Listed there in [Thom's] at least 1973 to 1977. Gone by [Thom's, 1987].
In old age they were both in a home in Killiney, Co.Dublin.
Osra died St.Michael's Hospital, Dun Laoghaire, 20 Oct 1997, age 76 yrs.
Funeral 23 Oct 1997, bur in Glasnevin.
Stephen died Beechfield Manor Nursing Home, Ballybrack Road, Shankill, Co. Dublin, 29 Aug 1998, age 82 yrs.
Funeral 2 Sept 1998, bur in Glasnevin.
Stephen and Osra had issue:

  1. Osra O'Mara.
    She mar Robert Nikolic and had issue:
    1. Dana Nikolic.

  2. Phons O'Mara.
    He mar Claudia Hauch and had issue:

    1. Claudine O'Mara.
    2. Tina O'Mara.

    3. Monica O'Mara.
      DNA match to John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Donal Duggan and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys.

  3. Stephen O'Mara.
    He mar Veronica ---- and had issue:

    1. Jason O'Mara, mar Paige Turco and had issue:
      1. David O'Mara.
    2. Rebecca O'Mara.
    3. Stephen James O'Mara.

  4. Monica O'Mara,
    Monica Mary Anne, born 11 July 1947, Hatch Street Nursing Home, Dublin.
    See birth notice in Irish Times, 18 July 1947, p.8.
    She died 23 Oct 1953, age 6 yrs.
    See death notice in Irish Independent, October 24, 1953.
    Funeral Mon 26 Oct 1953, bur Glasnevin.

  5. John O'Mara.
    He mar Sheila ---- and had issue:

    1. Irene O'Mara.

    2. Molly O'Mara.
      DNA match to me and John Lavelle and Malachi Spain and Donal Duggan and Nuala Duggan and Niall Humphreys and Ralph Powell.

    3. Mulcaire O'Mara.

  6. Paddy O'Mara.
    He mar 1stly to Rosemary ---- and had issue:
    1. Layla O'Mara.
    2. Shirin O'Mara.
    3. Nadia O'Mara.
    He mar 2ndly to Lesley ----.

  7. Clodagh O'Mara.
  8. Richard O'Mara.

  9. James O'Mara.
    He mar Kate ---- and had issue.

Grave of Stephen O'Mara and Osra O'Dwyer (and Stephen's parents), Glasnevin.
Photo 2006. See full size.
Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.
See street view.

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