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Pron. "EenG-ehl-key"

Charles Engelke.
May 1940, Ely, Nevada.

John Conrad Engelke,
born 1857, Hanover, Germany.
He mar 1stly to Beatrice Veldon and had issue:

Charles Engelke,
Charlie, Charley, John Charles,
born 2 Aug 1889, St.Louis, Missouri.
He mar 1913 to Eva Morris [born 3 Aug 1893].
They mar in Ely, Nevada.
He joined his father in running a very successful provisions / boarding house businesses in Nevada.
But later lost everything. Never really recovered.
He was a boarding house manager / cook in Ely, Nevada, and vicinity.
They are listed in [US census, 1 Jan 1920] in Kimberly (near Ely), White Pine County, Nevada. He is "steward" in small "hotel".
He was running boarding house in Kimberly as at c.1923.
He operated the Old American boarding house in McGill, Nevada. Later the McGill boarding house.
He ran the No. 9 boarding house in Ruth, Nevada.
In 1940s he was janitor at Steptoe Valley hospital, Nevada.
He died early 1947, Salt Lake City hospital, Utah, age 57 yrs.
He was bur Elks plot, old cemetery, Ely, Nevada.

Eva worked as a nurse's aid at the Catholic Holy Cross Hospital, Salt Lake City.
She later worked as sorority / woman's dormitory house mother in University of Nevada at Reno.
She went into the Sierra Homes old people's home.
She died May 1982, Reno, Nevada, age 88 yrs [Nevada State Journal, 23 May 1982].
Her ashes in Masonic Memorial Gardens, Reno.
They had issue:

  1. Morris Engelke, senior,
    John Morris Engelke, born 15 Aug 1915, Ely, Nevada.
    Mathematician and physicist.
    He mar 1938 to Betty Dauncey.
    He worked on both the atomic (1945) and hydrogen (1952) bomb projects.
    He wrote out family tree.
    Morris and Betty had issue:

    1. Alleen Engelke, mar Richard A. Dicks, senior, and had issue:
      1. Richard A. Dicks, junior, mar Amy --- and had issue:
        1. Thomas Allen Dicks.
      2. Diana Marie Dicks, mar Steven J. Tumillo.

    2. Morris Engelke, junior, mar Marilyn Morrill and had issue:
      1. John Engelke.

    3. Charles Engelke, mar Braden ---.

    4. Mary Engelke,
      mar 1stly to John Howell (later McDaniel) and had issue:
      1. Brett McDaniel.
      2. Jason Patrick McDaniel.
      mar 2ndly to Tim Girvin.

  2. Kathryn Engelke,
    Kathryn Dorthea Engelke, Catherine, "Katherine" in 1920 census,
    born Ely, Nevada, 8 June 1918.

  3. Honor Engelke,
    Clare Honor,
    Clare is after Clare Morris, NOT Claire,
    born 13 Oct 1928, Ely, Nevada.
    Bachelors in Education in University of Nevada (think at Reno).
    She mar c.1952, Sacred Heart church, Ely, Nevada, to Jack Cobb [born 16 Dec 1926, Garfield, Utah].
    Jack was Salesman / Advertising executive in Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada.
    Honor was teacher in Reno and Las Vegas. She taught piano.
    He died 29 Oct 1991, Reno, age 64 yrs.
    She died 8 Sept 1999, Reno, age 70 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Randy Cobb.
    2. Jon Cobb, mar Paula Schmalts and had issue:
      1. Kelsey Cobb.
      2. Chase Cobb.

  4. Barbara Engelke,
    Barbara Ann, "Bobby",
    Ann is after Aunty Ann,
    born 4 Nov 1930, Ely, Nevada.

Grave of Charles Engelke, Ely, Nevada.

Eva Morris, 1915, with baby Morris.
McGill, Nevada.

Kathryn and Morris, c.1920. McGill, Nevada.

Morris and Kathryn, 1921. McGill, Nevada.

Eva Morris and her children Morris and Kathryn.
Ely, Nevada, 1924.

Honor, Eva Morris, Barbara.
c.1947. Ely, Nevada.

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