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Kathryn Engelke

Kathryn Engelke,
born 8 June 1918.
She mar 1stly to Harold Ryan and had issue:

  1. Morris Ryan,
    researched family tree,
    mar Jessie McNeill and had issue:

    1. Harold Ryan, mar Carol Kutch and had issue:
      1. Ripley Gentry Ryan.
    2. Isabel Ryan, mar Dominic Johnson and had issue:
      1. Jessica Johnson.

  2. Josephine Ryan, mar Johnnie Rutkowski and had issue:

    1. Julie Rutkowski.

    2. Kathryn Rutkowski, mar James Draper and had issue:

      1. Heith Draper, mar Betty --- and had issue:
        1. Hollye Draper.
        2. Hannah Draper.
      2. Kelee Draper, mar Clifford Ryan and had issue:
        1. Kylee Ryan.
        2. Morgan Ryan.

      3. James Ryan,
        partner of Mariah Leaverton and had issue:
        1. Julie Anne Ryan.
        mar Trish ---- and had issue:
        1. Austin Ryan.
        2. Pracila Ryan.

    3. Felicia Rutkowski, mar Doug Patterson and had issue:
      1. McCann Nicole Patterson.

  3. James Ryan,
    mar 1stly to Charlotte Weyant,
    mar 2ndly to Dora Singer and had issue:
    1. Julie Ryan, mar Steve Burns and had issue:
      1. Meghin Burns.
      2. Presston Burns.
    2. Karissa Ryan, mar Ken Hodes and had issue:
      1. Madissun Hodes.
      2. Tanner Mathew Hodes.
    3. James Ryan.
    mar 3rdly to Nancy ---,
    mar 4thly to Mary Frobom.

Kathryn mar 2ndly to Stuart Mayfield.
She mar 3rdly to Ed Miller.
She had issue by 2nd husband:

  1. Craig Mayfield, mar Sue Mackenstadt and had issue:
    1. Brandon Mayfield, mar Heather Nicole Steichen and had issue:
      1. Harper Mayfield.
    2. Kelley Mayfield.

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