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Charles Morris

(Left) Charles Morris, New York City, prob. early 1890s. See full size.
(Right) Left to Right: Maggie Spillane, Charles Morris, Minnie Spillane, "Knight of Kerry's wood", Co.Kerry, 16th Mar 1891. See full size. On the back he has written "One happy day in my life".
Pictures courtesy of Morris Ryan.

Charles Morris, born 22 July 1869.
There was a story that he inherited substantial amount of money when his father died. But his father died 1881 when he was a child.
"He was a wastrel who soon was out of money but did manage to live it up with world travel, women, gambling, and whatever." [his grandson Morris Engelke, senior].
Still in Ireland as at photo in March 1891.
Emigrated to US in 1891-92, before the rest of the family.
Rest of the family arrived in Feb 1892.
He was educ Yale, lasted only 2 yrs, did not graduate.
There was a story that he was a friend of Theodore Roosevelt at Yale. But this is impossible - Roosevelt was born 1858, did not go to Yale, and was already a well-known politician before 1890.

He mar 1stly, poss. 1892, Chicago, Illinois,
to Nellie Ahern [of Co.Clare, born 1874].
She was born in Co.Waterford, according to her daughter Eva's entry in [US census, 1920].
She emig c.1890, passing through Ellis Island. "She often talked of the thrill of seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time".
She was working as a cashier at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in New York City when they met.
Charles was a bartender in Chicago.
They first settled on N side of Chicago near Lincoln Park.
They moved West. Took a stagecoach overland from Chicago to Butte, Montana, would be c.1900, stayed there for a few years.
Moved to Seattle, WA, there as at 1904.

Charles and Nellie divorce:
"The nomadic life coupled with probable infidelity resulted in Nellie leaving Charles and moving to Salt Lake City", Utah.
She was in Salt Lake City by c.1905.
They divorced.
She mar 2ndly, Salt Lake City, to George Bates, no issue.

Charles moved to Ely, Nevada, by c.1909. He was a businessman there as at 1914.
He built the Capitol Club Saloon in Ely.
He settled back in Chicago.
He mar 2ndly, pre-c.1923, Chicago, to Ann ---- ["Aunty Ann", Polish].
He ran a speakeasy in the "Loop" area of Chicago.
They lived at 6533 Ellis Ave, Chicago (see map).
He died 30th Oct 1928, Chicago, age 59 yrs.
He was bur Chicago, near Indiana State boundary, huge cross.
Ann died 1950, Chicago.
Nellie died 1951, Salt Lake City, Utah, age 77 yrs, bur Salt Lake City.
Charles and Nellie had issue:

  1. Eva Morris,
    Eva Marie, Catholic, born 3rd Aug 1893, Chicago,
    "almost born on a Ferris wheel at the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago",
    educ St. Mary's of the Wasatch Academy, Salt Lake City (Catholic convent girls school),
    would travel from Salt Lake City to Ely, Nevada, to see her father,
    mar 17th Aug 1913, Ely, Nevada, to Charles Engelke and had issue.

  2. Clare Morris, poss. Claire,
    born Chicago, would be c.1899,
    died Seattle, WA, would be c.1905, age 6 yrs, of spinal meningitis,
    bur Seattle.

  3. (dau) Morris, born c.1902.

Charles Morris, his wife Nellie Ahern, and their daughters Eva, Clare and (unknown).
Seattle, WA, Aug 1904. See full size.
Picture courtesy of Morris Ryan.

Eva Morris, c.1905, Salt Lake City.

Eva Morris, c.1908, Salt Lake City.

(Left) Eva Morris (age 17). (Right) Nellie Ahern and Eva Morris.
Salt Lake City, 1910.
Pictures courtesy of Morris Ryan.

Letterhead of one of Charles Morris' business ventures - the Sirrom-Yor mail order company, Ely, Nevada.
With a poem by him on it, "The Old Red Slippers that Daddy Wore", 11th Dec 1914. See full size.
Picture courtesy of Morris Ryan.

Eva Morris and her children Morris and Kathryn, on a visit to her father Charles, 6533 Ellis Ave, Chicago, c.1923.

Morris Engelke (age 12), and his grandfather Charles Morris (age 58), Chicago, 1927.

Nellie Ahern.

Aunty Ann, 1920s, back porch of their home in Chicago.

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