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James Barrett

James Barrett and Hanna McCoy.
Courtesy of Mary McCoy.

James Barrett,
James Christopher Barrett, Jim,
born 11 Dec 1907 in Glin, Co.Limerick.
He went to America. Lived in Boston for 9 years.
Came back to Ireland.
Living Main St, Glin, at mar.
He mar 30 July 1936, Glin RC church, [GROI] to his double 2nd cousin Hanna McCoy [born 26 Nov 1908].
They needed dispensation to marry since they were 2nd cousins twice over.

They inherited the McCoy family pub, Main St, Glin.
They ran the pub, which was called "The Central Bar". Pub on ground floor. They lived above it.
Think they ran pub from marriage 1936 on.
The pub was re-named to "J.C. Barrett", "The Rale McCoy" (after the phrase "The Real McCoy"). The name refers to its McCoy origins and was also in honour of American cowboy actor Tim McCoy, who visited Glin tracing his family history and met with the McCoys.

James was a Fianna Fail County Councillor on Limerick County Council from 1945 to 1979.
Chairman of Mid-Western Health Board 1971 to 1979.
Chairman of Foynes Harbour Board.
He died at Limerick Regional Hospital, 31 May 1982, age 74 yrs, bur Glin. See obituary.
Hanna died 2 Jan 1987, age 78 yrs.
James and Hanna had issue:

  1. Kitty Barrett,
    DNA match to Niall Humphreys,
    mar Patrick McCoy and had issue.

  2. Paddy Barrett,
    mar Siobhan Collins and had issue:

    1. Eoin Barrett.
    2. Aine Barrett, mar Stephen Burke and had issue:
      1. Paddy Burke.
      2. Bobby Burke.
    3. Roisin Barrett, mar David McMorrow.
    4. Patrice Barrett.
    5. James Barrett.

  3. Stephen Barrett,
    DNA match to Niall Humphreys,
    mar Margaret Clarke.

  4. John Barrett,
    mar Maureen Lyons and had issue:

    1. Siobhan Barrett.
    2. James Barrett.
    3. Maria Barrett, mar Kevin Mullane and had issue:
      1. Alexandra Mullane.

  5. Margaret Barrett,
    DNA match to Niall Humphreys,
    mar Jerry Johnston.

  6. Olive Barrett,
    mar John Mulvihill and had issue:

    1. Martin Mulvihill, mar Catriona Scanlon and had issue:
      1. Conor Mulvihill.
      2. Kate Mulvihill.
      3. Mark Mulvihill.
    2. Joanna Mulvihill, mar Tom Black and had issue:
      1. Johnny Black.
      2. Ava Black.
    3. John Mulvihill.
    4. James Mulvihill, mar Stephanie O'Connor and had issue:
      1. Jack Mulvihill.
      2. Hannah Mulvihill.
    5. Olivia Mulvihill.

  7. Jim Barrett,
    mar Lorna Joyce and had issue:

    1. Joseph Barrett, mar Mae Delacruz and had issue:
      1. Maeve Barrett.
      2. James Barrett.
    2. Gráinne Barrett, mar Lionel Vacelet and had issue:
      1. Amelie Vacelet.
      2. Jimmy Vacelet.
      3. Chloe Vacelet.
    3. Allison Barrett, mar Eoin Maher and had issue:
      1. Lily Maher.
      2. Dylan Maher.

  8. Thomas Barrett,
    mar Anita McMahon and had issue:

    1. Maeve Barrett.
    2. Kieran Barrett.
    3. Stephen Barrett.

  9. Breda Barrett,
    DNA match to Niall Humphreys,
    mar Michael Quaid.

James Barrett and Hanna McCoy in Ballybunion, Co.Kerry, in 1962.
Courtesy of Mary McCoy.
See full size.

James Barrett grave, Glin.
See larger and full size.
Photo 2014 courtesy of Stephen Barrett.

The Barrett pub, Main St, Glin, is still going today.
"J.C. Barrett", "The Rale McCoy", Bar and Lounge.
Formerly McCoy's pub and shop.
2011 screenshot from Google street view.

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