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John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald.
Think photo in Limerick.
See larger and full size. From Mary McGrath.

John Fitzgerald,
Jack, born 14 May 1896,
from Glin, Co.Limerick.
"John Fitzgerald", "cousin of deceased", registered the death of his infant 1st cousin John Joseph McCoy in 1918. John was then living Glin.
Witnessed his brother Maurice's wedding 1920. John was then living Glin.
He mar June 30, 1926, in Terenure, Co.Dublin, to Winifred Ryan [Winnie, born 22 March 1893, Knockfune, Co.Tipperary, dau of Michael Ryan and Bridget Kennedy].
Listed as John M. Fitzgerald, Barracks, Limerick, at his sister Bridget's death 1930.
Listed as of "Cannock and Co., Limerick" at time of his father's death 1938.
Worralls Inn, Castleconnell: John and Winifred owned and ran Worrall's Inn (or Worralls Inn, formerly Keanes Commercial Hotel), Main Street, Castleconnell, Co.Limerick.
John was at his brother Maurice's funeral on 9 Dec 1950, and died just weeks later.
He died 26 Dec 1950, age 54 yrs, at Worrall's Inn, Castleconnell. See mass card.
Worrall's Inn was sold soon after.
Winifred died Naas Hospital, Co.Kildare, c. 1 July 1976, age 83 yrs.
John and Winifred had issue:

  1. Elizabeth Fitzgerald,
    or Elisabeth, born July 31, 1927, Limerick.
    She mar 1stly, pre-1966, to Thomas Headon [Thomas Aloysius Headon, Tommy, born 1918, Moher, Ballyporeen, County Tipperary].
    He was son of Patrick Headon and Mary Cullen.
    Thomas played rugby for Ireland in 1938/39. Lived in England. Returned to Ireland.
    He was Managing director and part owner of Urney Chocolates, Tallaght, Co.Dublin.
    He died Loughlinstown, County Dublin, 21 August 1966, age 48 yrs,
    bur Tallaght, Co.Dublin.
    Elizabeth mar 2ndly to Redmond Gallagher [born February 27, 1916, Ireland].
    She died Maynooth, County Kildare, Jan 1982, age 54 yrs,
    bur Tallaght, Co.Dublin.
    Redmond died in Spain, October 31, 2006, age 90 yrs.
    Elizabeth had issue by 1st husband:

    1. Mary Headon.
      DNA match for Rich Broderick and Mary McCoy.
      She mar --- McGrath.
      She is researching family history.

    2. Patrick Headon.
      DNA match for Rich Broderick and Mary McCoy.

    3. Barbara Headon.

Worralls Inn, Castleconnell


Worralls Inn, Main Street, Castleconnell.
Photo from when it was called Keanes Commercial Hotel.
See full size. From Worralls Inn Facebook.

Worralls Inn, Main Street, Castleconnell.
2011 image from street view.
Worralls Inn was burnt in a fire in 2014.


Elizabeth Fitzgerald


Wedding of Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Thomas Headon.
Think Elizabeth's uncle Fr. Dermot Fitzgerald is front RHS.
See larger and full size. From Mary McGrath.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
From here.

Thomas Headon.
From here.

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