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Michael Fitzgerald


Michael Fitzgerald and Elizabeth McCoy at their wedding in 1889.
See full size. From Mary McGrath.

Michael Fitzgerald,
born 1863 or 1864 or 1865.
He mar 1stly, 19 Jan 1889, to Elizabeth McCoy [bapt 10 Oct 1863].
He was shopkeeper in Glin, Co.Limerick.
Living Glin at dau's birth in Nov 1889. He is "flour merchant".
Living Glin at children's bapts 1890 to 1895.
Elizabeth died 30 May 1896, age 32 yrs [mass card], NOT June 1906,
leaving him with small children.
See mass card and mass card.
Michael had issue by 1st wife:

  1. Bridget Fitzgerald,
    born 28 Nov 1889, Glin, Co.Limerick.
    See birth cert from here.
    She was bapt 30 Nov 1889 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick McCoy and Bridget Fitzgerald.
    Her mother died 1896.
    She is listed in 1911 census as living with her aunt and uncle Scanlan in Castleconnell. She is "shop assistant".
    She was a talented musician and singer.
    Obituary says she took part in many a Feis in Co.Limerick before her marriage.
    She is living Glin at mar.
    She mar Glin RC church, 1 Aug 1925 [him age 24, her age 35] to Michael Kelly [born 1901] and had issue.
    See mar cert from here.

  2. Margaret Fitzgerald,
    born December 17, 1890, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 20 Dec 1890 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick Fitzgerald and Margaret McCoy,
    died at Glin, January 27, 1892, age 13 months (there is another Margaret by the 2nd marriage).

  3. Maurice Fitzgerald,
    born February 1, 1892, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 3 Feb 1892 [Glin RC par records], sp Patrick O'Shaughnessy and Margaret McCoy.
    Lived Mulderricksfield, Barrigone, NW Co.Limerick. There as at mar 1920, listed as "farmer".
    He mar 14 Jan 1920, Askeaton RC church, to Mary O'Shaughnessy [dau of John O'Shaughnessy, farmer].
    See mar cert from here. She is listed as of Lismakeery, near Askeaton, Co.Limerick.
    Listed as Maurice Fitzgerald, Barrigone, at his sister Bridget's death 1930.
    He was an Irish Coursing Club (ICC) official.
    Listed as "Control Steward, I.C.C., Limerick", married, at time of his father's death 1938.
    Listed at death as "ICC Steward" and "Racing Manager" at the Limerick Greyhound Racing Track.
    He died at his home, Mulderricksfield, Barrigone, 7 Dec 1950, age 58 yrs.
    See notice in Irish Press, 8 December 1950.
    See notice in Irish Independent, 8 December 1950.
    See item in Limerick Leader, 9 December 1950.
    Funeral Sat 9 Dec 1950, bur Kilfergus, Glin.
    See obituary and funeral report in Limerick Leader, December 30, 1950.
    Mary fl 1950.
    They had issue:

    1. Pat Fitzgerald.
    2. John Fitzgerald.
    3. Michael Fitzgerald.
    4. Stan Fitzgerald.

    5. Pauline Fitzgerald.
    6. Marjorie Fitzgerald.
    7. Mary Fitzgerald.
    8. Gabrielle Fitzgerald.

  4. Catherine Fitzgerald,
    born January 1, 1894, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 3 Jan 1894 [Glin RC par records], sp Michael Dunn and Catherine McCoy,
    "Kitty" in 1901 census,
    probably died pre-1911 (since there is a Catherine Mary by the 3rd marriage).

  5. John Fitzgerald,
    born January 1, 1895, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    bapt 9 Jan 1895 [Glin RC par records], sp John Barrett (Elizabeth's 1st cousin) and Maria McCoy,
    died August 4, 1895, age 7 months, Glin, of chickenpox.

  6. John Fitzgerald,
    second John, John M., Jack,
    born 14 May 1896,
    bapt 16 May 1896 [Glin RC par records], see copy,
    his mother died 30 May 1896,
    "Jack" in 1901 census.

Michael is listed as shopkeeper, Glin, widower, at 2nd mar.
He mar 2ndly, 1898, to Ellen Kennedy [born 1872].
They are listed at Glin in 1901 census. He is "Shopkeeper (Flourite Meals)". They have one baker and one servant living with them.
Ellen died Glin, November 29, 1903, age 31 yrs, of nephritis.
Michael had issue by 2nd wife:

  1. Margaret Fitzgerald,
    born September 2, 1899, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    at her brother Maurice's funeral 1950.
    She must be "Mrs. Ryan" listed as sister at Fr. Dermot's death 1957.

  2. Patrick Fitzgerald,
    born December 23, 1900, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    in 1911 census he is at his grandaunt Ellen Kennedy's house (his mother is dead).

    Think he is identical with:

  3. Rev. Fr. Dermot Fitzgerald,
    born 1900 or 1901 (described as age 56 at death), NOT Dermott.
    He joined O.F.M. Ordained in Rome in 1927.
    Obituary says he ministered in Wexford, Clonmel and Limerick.
    Listed as brother of Bridget at her death 1930.
    Listed at Clonmel at time of his father's death 1938.
    He was based at one time at the Friary, Henry St, Limerick.
    He was at Ennis Friary, Co.Clare, from 1945 to death.
    He married his relations Michael McEllistrem and Catherine Kennelly in St.Joseph's church, Limerick, in July 1950.
    Listed as of Ennis at his brother Maurice's funeral Dec 1950.
    He died Jan 1957, age 56 yrs.
    See short obituary in Cork Examiner, January 29, 1957.
    Funeral 30 Jan 1957. The Bishop of Killaloe presided.
    He was bur Drumcliffe Cemetery, Ennis, Co.Clare.
    See short funeral report in Cork Examiner, January 31, 1957.

  4. Thomas Fitzgerald,
    Tommie, born January 28, 1902, Glin, Co.Limerick,
    listed as Thomas Fitzgerald, Glin, at his half-sister Bridget's death 1930,
    listed as "auctioneer", married, at time of his father's death 1938,
    at his brother Maurice's funeral 1950, he must be: "Tommy, Winnie and family, Glin",
    listed as T. Fitzgerald, Glin, at his brother Fr. Dermot's death 1957.

Michael is listed as shopkeeper, Glin, at 3rd mar.
He mar 3rdly, 19 July 1910, St.Joseph's church, Limerick, to Mary Fitzgerald [born 1876, dau of John Fitzgerald, farmer].
See mar cert from here.
She was a widow with children from her first marriage in 1897 to Patrick Costello [or Costelloe]. She was living Glin at mar.
Michael is listed in 1911 census on Main St, Glin. He is "Farmer and Shopkeeper", married.
Mary is listed separately in 1911 census on Main St, Glin, with her Costello children. She is "Shopkeeper", married.

Michael's funeral report lists him as "a member of Glin District Council and Board of Agriculture, and auctioneer for many years".
Listed as "farmer" at his son's mar 1920.
Listed as "auctioneer" at dau Bridget's mar 1925.
At his dau Bridget's death 1930 he is listed as "Ml. Fitzgerald, Aultionn, Glin" (maybe typo for auctioneer).
He is listed as "auctioneer", deceased, at dau Kathleen's death.
Listed as of Glin at death.
He died 11 June 1938 [grave], age 73-75 yrs, NOT 1936, NOT 17 June.
He was bur Kilfergus, Glin.
See funeral report in Cork Examiner, June 17, 1938. This has unidentified daughters, may include step-daughters from Mary's 1st marriage.
Mary fl 1938.
Michael had issue by 3rd wife:

  1. Kathleen Fitzgerald,
    Catherine Mary Fitzgerald, born April 11, 1911, Glin,
    at her brother Maurice's funeral 1950,
    obituary says she was nurse at St.Joseph's School, Cheshire (must be St. Joseph's R.C. School, London Road, Nantwich, Cheshire),
    died unmarried, 4 Dec 1961, age 50 yrs, at Barony Hospital, Nantwich, Cheshire,
    see obituary in Limerick Leader, December 16, 1961,
    see slightly shorter copy of same obituary in some other paper,
    obituary has unidentified siblings, may include some from mother's 1st marriage,
    bur Kilfergus, Glin.

  2. Agnes Fitzgerald, born December 12, 1913,
    died 20 Nov 1944, age 30 yrs, Mental Hospital, Limerick, of Chronic Pulmonary T.B.,
    bur Kilfergus, Glin.

  3. Michael Fitzgerald,
    Michael Joseph Fitzgerald, born January 20, 1915,
    at his brother Maurice's funeral 1950, he must be "Mick, Athlone",
    listed as Capt. Michael J. Fitzgerald, Athlone, at sister Kathleen's death 1961.

  4. William Fitzgerald,
    listed as the 6th living son at time of his father's death 1938,
    at his brother Maurice's funeral 1950.

Elizabeth McCoy (died 1896).
Wedding photo, 1889.
See larger and full size. This picture hung in the McCoy/Barrett home in Glin.
From Mary McCoy.

Unknown lady in Fitzgerald photos.
Possibly Elizabeth McCoy (died 1896).
See larger and full size. From Mary McGrath.

Fitzgerald grave, Kilfergus, Glin.
See larger and full size. From here.




Maurice Fitzgerald at Barrigone in 1947.
With "Pauline" (his dau) and "Philomena" (must be his niece Philomena Kelly).
See larger and full size. From Mary McGrath.

Unknown priest in Fitzgerald photos. Think this is Fr. Dermot Fitzgerald.
See larger and full size.
From Mary McGrath.

Unknown priest in Fitzgerald photos. Think this is Fr. Dermot Fitzgerald.
From Mary McGrath.


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