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Michael Rahilly, of Annaghilymore

Annaghilymore on 1829 to 1842 map.

Michael Rahilly,
of Annaghilymore (N of Lisbabe), Aghadoe parish, nr Killarney (see map).
He mar Ellen Kelliher [dau of Denis Kelliher of Coomacullen, Killaha parish, see map].
He is listed as "labourer" at son's mar 1868.
His children were illiterate.
Michael and Ellen had issue:

  1. Daniel Rahilly,
    Dan, born Co.Kerry, 1833 or 1836 [by age given in census] or 1830 [by age given at death],
    of Gortderrig, Kilcummin parish, Co.Kerry.

  2. Michael Rahilly,
    of Kilquane, near Barraduff, E of Killarney (see map).
    Rahilly appears in Kilquane back in 1760 [Fitzelle, 1986].
    He had issue:

    1. Michael Rahilly, died without issue.
    2. Daniel Rahilly, died without issue.

  3. Thomas Rahilly,
    Tom, born Co.Kerry, 1841 [age at mar] or 1837 [census] or 1835 [age at death] or 1834 [age at death],
    of Lisnagrave, Kilcummin parish (see map).
    Listed as "labourer", living Lisnagrave at mar, illiterate.
    He mar 13 Feb 1868 to Elizabeth O'Donoghue [born 1844 or 1839].
    "Tom of Lisnagrave" is listed by [King] among living families.
    They are both listed in 1911 census at Lisnagrave. He is illiterate, though she is not. He is listed as "labourer".
    He is listed as labourer, married, at death.
    He died 16 Nov 1925, Lisnagrave [GROI].
    She fl 1925.
    Thomas and Elizabeth had issue:

    1. Michael Rahilly, died without issue.
    2. Patrick Rahilly, died without issue.
    3. Ellen Rahilly, died without issue.
    4. Elizabeth Rahilly.
    5. Mary Rahilly, died without issue.
    6. Hannah Rahilly.
    7. Margaret Rahilly, born 1881, Co.Kerry, listed with parents in 1911 census, then unmarried.
    8. Norah Rahilly.
    9. Anne Rahilly, died without issue.

  4. Patrick Rahilly.
    He mar Mary Hennessy [or Hennessey, of Beale and Acres townlands, Kilconly parish, very NW corner of Co.Kerry, see map].
    He went to America.
    [King, 1910] says he was of Orange, Essex County, New Jersey.
    Though [Fitzelle, 1986] says he was probably of Orange, Virginia.
    Patrick and Mary had issue:

    1. Michael Rahilly.

  5. Denis Rahilly, died young.

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