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O'Donoghue of Co.Kerry

There are an extraordinary number of inter-marriages between our Rahilly and O'Rahilly family, mostly from the area E of Killarney, Co.Kerry, and various O'Donoghue families, mostly from the area SE of Killarney.
Some or all of these O'Donoghue families may be related to each other.

Killaha, Rusheen More and Killeen.
All in Killaha parish, near Glenflesk, SE of Killarney, Co.Kerry.
Glenflesk is in Curreal townland, Killaha par.
From GeoHive.
See Google Maps satellite view.


O'Donoghue "Mourney"

See note on the wives of Morgan O'Rahilly and Fionn O'Rahilly.
This explains that we think the wife of our Morgan O'Rahilly is Julia O'Donoghue "Mourney", rather than Mary O'Donoghue "Mourney", or a daughter of Donal O'Sullivan of Meentogues.
We do not know where these O'Donoghues are from, but they married O'Rahilly of E of Killarney, so they are probably from E or SE of Killarney.
We think our line is as follows:

We think Julia and Morgan are identical with:


O'Donoghue of Rusheen More, Killaha parish


O'Donoghue of Killeen, Killaha parish


O'Donoghue of unknown


O'Donoghue of Glenflesk


O'Donoghue of Carrigeen

In 1833, John O'Donoghue below wrote a testimonial for Michael Joseph Rahilly. They may be related.
The McEvoy descendants of his brother Daniel O'Donoghue had a tradition that they were related to the Gaelic poet Aodhagán Ó Rathaille. It is unclear how.

Donoghue of Cummeen, Kilgarvan parish


O'Donoghue of Gortacorn


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