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Daniel Rahilly, of Gortderrig

Daniel Rahilly,
Dan, born Co.Kerry, 1833 or 1836 or 1830,
of Gortderrig, Kilcummin parish, Co.Kerry (see map),
He mar 7 February 1860 [Rathmore RC par records] to Mary Nagle [born 1839 or 1836, Co.Kerry, dau of Garrett Nagle of Kilquane, Kilcummin parish].
Mar wit by James Ryan.
Listed as of Gortderrig at son's bapt 1863.
Listed as of "Droum" at son's bapt 1865.
Listed as of Gortderrig at children's bapts 1867 to 1883.
He is listed as "labourer" at son's bapt 1883.
They are both listed at Gortderrig in 1901 census. He is listed as "agricultural labourer". They are both illiterate.
Michael Warren visited him in 1906 to get family tree information. See [P102/207(7)]. Despite being illiterate he had a great knowledge of family history from oral tradition.
"Dan of Gortderrig" listed by [King] among living families.
They are both listed at Gortderrig in 1911 census. He is listed as "agricultural labourer". They are both illiterate.
He is listed as farmer, married, at death.
Daniel died 16 Oct 1916, Gortderrig [GROI], age 83 or 86 yrs.
Mary fl 1916.
Daniel and Mary had issue:

  1. Michael Rahilly,
    died without issue.
    He must be their child who was bapt 1 February 1861 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Ellen ----.

  2. Thomas Rahilly,
    bapt 12 April 1863 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Thomas Rahilly and Ellen Keleher.

  3. Patrick Rahilly,
    bapt 11 March 1865 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Michael Rahilly and Catherine Nagle.

  4. John Rahilly,
    bapt 23 June 1867 [Rathmore RC par records], sp Garrett Nagle and Margaret Nagle. Father read in error as "John".

  5. Mary Rahilly,
    bapt 14 January 1871 [Rathmore RC par records], sp James Nagle and Ellen Nagle.

  6. Daniel Rahilly,
    bapt 3 December 1872 [Rathmore RC par records], sp James Nagle and Margaret Nagle.

  7. Denis Rahilly,
    bapt 25 January 1875 [Rathmore RC par records].
    He went to New Jersey, USA, with sister Ellen, pre-1901.
    Killed in accident: He was killed in a level crossing accident, pre-1910. He was driving horses and coach, train crashed into them.
    He is noted in [King, 1910] as dying without issue.

  8. Ellen Rahilly,
    Ellie, born Co.Kerry,
    bapt 26 July 1879 [Rathmore RC par records] (note mother's name read incorrectly).
    She went to New Jersey, USA, with brother Denis, pre-1901.
    She worked as a maid for the Colgate family.
    After Denis was killed she came back to Ireland. She is listed as of Gortderrig at mar.
    She mar 25 February 1911, Rathmore, Co.Kerry, to Peter Crowley [born 1877, Co.Kerry, son of Jeremiah Crowley, farmer].
    See mar cert from here.
    At mar he is listed as farmer, of Annaghbeg, Co.Kerry.
    They lived Annaghbeg.
    They are sometimes described as of nearby places "Gneevgullia" and "Coom" but all refer to this place Annaghbeg.
    They are listed at Annaghbeg in 1911 census. He is "farmer". Just married. No children. Living with his Crowley relatives.
    They had issue:

    1. Jeremiah Crowley.
    2. Ellen Crowley.

    3. Kathleen Crowley,
      mar --- O'Leary and had issue:
      1. John O'Leary.
      2. Jeremiah O'Leary.
      3. Ann O'Leary, mar Jim Staunton.

  9. James Rahilly,
    born 1883, Co.Kerry,
    bapt 8 September 1883 [Rathmore RC par records].
    Listed with parents at Gortderrig in 1901 and 1911 census. He is listed as "agricultural labourer". Unlike parents he can read and write.
    He reported father's death 1916. Then living Gortderrig.

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