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Gaston Rafroidi,
born 1897, Arpajon, near Paris, France,
mar 1925, France, to Constance O'Rahilly [born 25th Nov 1893],
he died 1948, age 51 yrs,
she died 2 Mar 1972, age 78 yrs,
had issue:

  1. Maureen Rafroidi,
    mar 1stly to Bernard Vivier,
    mar 2ndly to --- Beaufils,
    had issue by 1st mar:

    1. Dominique Vivier,
      mar 1stly to Louise Champagne and had issue:
      1. Patrick Vivier.
      2. Jean-Sébastien Vivier.
      mar 2ndly to Jacqueline Blanchette and had issue:
      1. Caroline Vivier.
      mar 3rdly to his 1st cousin Emmanuelle Latapie.

  2. Patrick Rafroidi.
    He mar 1stly to Jeanne Franc.
    He mar 2ndly to Christiane Thilliez and had issue:
    1. Yvain Rafroidi.
    2. Liam Jean Rafroidi.

    He mar 3rdly to Anne Brines and had issue:

    1. Pierre Emmanuel Rafroidi.

    2. Livia Rafroidi.
      DNA match to me.

  3. Gérard Rafroidi,
    mar Monique Dupuy and had issue:

    1. David Rafroidi, mar Catherine Brouillard and had issue:
      1. Paul Rafroidi.
      2. Simon Rafroidi.

  4. Jacqueline Rafroidi,
    mar André Latapie and had issue:

    1. Carl Latapie.
    2. Emmanuelle Latapie, mar her 1st cousin Dominique Vivier.

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