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Thomas Rahilly, of Coolcaslagh

Coolcaslagh on 1829 to 1842 map.

Thomas Rahilly,
of Coolcaslagh (or Coolcaslough), Killarney parish (see map).
"Old Tom of Cool" [P102/207(7)].
He mar Mary O'Donoghue.
They had issue:

  1. Thomas Rahilly, of Coolcaslagh,
    born Co.Kerry, 1839 [census] or 1835 [age at death].
    He mar 1861 to Hanoria Scannell [of Kilcummin parish, born 1841, Co.Kerry].
    He is "Tom of Cool" who Michael Warren consults about the Rahilly family history.
    "Tom of Coolcashlough" is listed by [King] among living families.
    He confirmed the location of the O'Rahilly tomb in Muckross Abbey. See [1910 letter from The O'Rahilly].
    Thomas and Hanoria are listed in 1911 census as living Coolcaslagh. He is listed as farmer.
    He is listed as farmer at death.
    He died 15 Apr 1917, Coolcaslagh [GROI].
    Hanoria fl 1917.
    Thomas and Hanoria had issue:

    1. Mary Rahilly,
      mar pre-1898 to Jeremiah Lyne,
      at son's birth 1898 he is listed as farmer, of Annagh More, Killaha par, Co.Kerry (SE of Killarney, see map),
      she fl 1911,
      had issue:

      1. Patrick Lyne,
        born 14 Mar 1898, Annagh More [GROI],
        listed with his Rahilly grandparents in census 1911.

    2. Patrick Rahilly, of Coolcaslagh,
      born Co.Kerry, 1879 [census] or 1874 [age at mar] or 1878 [age at death].
      "Patrick Rahilly" in life, but "Patrick O'Rahilly" on grave.
      Listed as farmer, of Coolcaslagh, at mar.
      He mar 20 Feb 1909, RC church of Glenflesk, Co.Kerry [GROI] to Mary Anne Cronin [born 1885 or 1880, Co.Kerry, dau of Maurice Cronin, farmer].
      She is listed at mar as "farmer", of Dromcarban, Glenflesk. Father deceased.
      They are living with his parents in census 1911.
      He registered father's death 1917, living Coolcaslagh.
      He is listed as farmer at death.
      He died 26 May 1944, Coolcaslagh [GROI].
      He was bur Muckross Abbey, Killarney.
      Mary Anne died 18 Apr 1969, bur Muckross Abbey.
      They had issue:

      1. Nora Rahilly, born 1910, Co.Kerry.
        she is NOT the Nora Rahilly born Killarney district, 3rd qr 1910, in [GROI] (she is dau of Patrick Rahilly of Annagh More and Julia Riordan),
        alive in 1911 census.

      2. Eileen O'Rahilly, died 11 Dec 1983, bur Muckross Abbey.
      3. Peggy O'Rahilly, died 1 June 1986, bur Muckross Abbey.

    3. Michael Rahilly, born 1881, Co.Kerry,
      unmarried, living with parents in census 1911.

    4. 5 other children, Rahilly, all fl 1911.

Grave of Patrick O'Rahilly of Coolcaslagh.
Grave at Muckross Abbey, Killarney.
See full size. Photo 2006. Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

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