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My ancestors - O'Rahilly - Contents

P102 - O'Rahilly papers

Papers of The O'Rahilly.
[UCD Archives] UCDA P102. Dates 1833 to 1989.

This contains most or all of The O'Rahilly's genealogical research.
Includes some papers of his son Aodogán O'Rahilly.
Deposited by Aodogán in UCD 1991.
Indexed by Karl Magee, 1993.


Extract from The O'Rahilly's early research in [P102/208(79)].
Shows that when he began researching the family tree, he could not trace beyond Michael Rahilly.
And his family had lost any tradition of a connection to the Gaelic poet.

A coat of arms The O'Rahilly did up, stuck on one of his books. See full size.
[P102/205] shows his designs for arms.

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