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Eugene Sullivan, of Carhoomeengar, Kenmare, Co.Kerry

Carhoomeengar (East and West) on 1829 to 1842 map.

Eugene Sullivan,
or O'Sullivan,
or Eoghan (or Eoin or Owen),
of Carhoomeengar, Kenmare par, N of Kenmare, Co.Kerry.
Don't think he was of nearby Reen, Templenoe par (see his dau-in-law's family).
There are so many Sullivan families in Kerry/Cork that they often have further names. This was called the "O'Sullivan (Owen)" family.
He was thought to have mar Catherine McCarthy or Catherine Dowling.
However she may have been Catherine Sullivan (see below).
When daus married in 1843 to 1859 they are listed as living at Carhoomeengar.
Eugene and wife had issue:

  1. Mary Sullivan,
    at mar she is listed as of Carhoomeengar,
    mar wit by Patrick Sullivan and Jeremiah Lyne,
    mar 23 February 1843 [Kenmare RC par records] to Denis Sullivan [of Reen, Templenoe par].

    It was formerly thought there was a son:
    Denis Sullivan, mar Mary Sullivan.
    But it seems it was the other way round.

  2. Catherine Sullivan,
    Kate, "Catherine Mac Eoghain", "Catherine Eoghan O'Sullivan", "Catherine Owen O'Sullivan",
    born 1829 [according to age in census], born Kenmare area.
    At mar she is listed as of Carhoomeengar.
    She mar 19 February 1854 [Kenmare RC par records] to Timothy Ring and had issue.
    Marriage wit by Denis Sullivan and Michael Sullivan.
    Her grandson Fr. John Ring successfully claimed the O'Sullivan Bourse to be educated at Louvain.

  3. Eleanora Sullivan,
    mar Bartholomew Sullivan.

  4. Boetius Sullivan,
    or Boetious, after his grandfather Boetius Sullivan, old family name,
    born 1835 [according to age at death],
    went to USA,
    mar Catherine Palmer,
    died 1869 in Wisconsin, age 34 yrs,
    bur Mount Olivet Cemetery, Janesville, Wisconsin, see

  5. Eugene Sullivan (see menu of links to sub-pages at top),
    Eugene William Sullivan,
    born 1837 [by age on 1860 census, age on grave] or 1836 [by 1880 census],
    was NOT born 27 June 1837 [that is a different Eugene Sullivan, of Cork who was alive in 1888],
    went to USA,
    mar Mary O'Sullivan [or Sullivan],
    she was of the "Sullivan Rogers" family, of Reen, Templenoe par, beside Dunkerron, NW of Kenmare, Co. Kerry (see map),
    they lived Illinois,
    he died 1886 in Wisconsin, age 49 [grave],
    bur St.James Catholic Cemetery, Belvidere (thus spelt), Illinois, see,
    had issue:

    1. Roger Charles Sullivan, born 1861,
      leader of the Democratic Party in Illinois, with national influence,
      mar Helen Marie Quinlan,
      became very wealthy,
      had issue:

      1. Boetius Henry Sullivan, born 1885, Chicago businessman and lawyer,
        mar Mary Loretta Connery and had issue:

        1. Helen Sullivan, born 1920,
          mar --- McKinley,
          she researched family tree,
          died 1996,
          had issue:

          1. Maryl McKinley,
            mar --- Hook,
            she is researching family tree.

    2. Francis Joseph Sullivan, born 1874, had issue:

      1. Francis Joseph Sullivan, born 1905, had issue:

        1. Margaret Sullivan,
          mar Gregg Moga,
          she is researching family tree,
          had issue:

          1. Greg Moga,
            researching family tree.

  6. Alice Sullivan,
    at mar she is listed as of Carhoomeengar,
    mar wit by Jeremiah Sullivan and Michael Murphy,
    mar 5 March 1859 [Kenmare RC par records] to Thomas Sullivan [of Kilmurry].

  7. Timothy Sullivan,
    born 1843 [grave],
    went to USA,
    mar Rose Flynn (or Flynne),
    died 1910 in Illinois,
    bur St.James Catholic Cemetery, Belvidere, Illinois, see

  8. Michael Sullivan,
    mar Catherine Sullivan.

  9. Julia Sullivan,
    born 1847 [grave],
    went to USA,
    mar 1886 to James Daily [thus spelt on grave],
    she died 1924 in Iowa,
    bur Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Nevada, Iowa, see

The above family is probably the following

The above family is probably the following. Though some definite proof is needed. Some things do not match.
Eugene Sullivan,
mar Catherine Sullivan,
listed as of Carhoomeengar at children's baptisms 1819-38,
had issue:

  1. Mary Sullivan, bapt 20 September 1819 [Kenmare RC par records], sp Patrick Sullivan and Mary Sullivan.
  2. Bartholomew Sullivan, bapt 21 February 1822 [Kenmare RC par records], sp "Murtimer Sullivan" and "Catherine Mc".
  3. John Sullivan, must be twin, bapt 3 January 1823 [Kenmare RC par records], sp Cornelius Sullivan and Pierse Kelly.
  4. William Sullivan, must be twin, bapt 3 January 1823 [Kenmare RC par records], sp Cornelius Sullivan and Pierse Kelly.
  5. Michael Sullivan, bapt 19 October 1823 [Kenmare RC par records], sp John Sullivan and Mary Sullivan.
  6. Eugene Sullivan, bapt 7 November 1830 [Kenmare RC par records], sp Patrick Sullivan and Helen Sullivan.
  7. Juliana Sullivan, bapt 19 June 1838 [Kenmare RC par records], sp Bartholomew Dorrihy and Margaret Sullivan.

Could be relevant

The townlands related to this family are in the civil parishes of Templenoe and Kenmare.
This would be the Kenmare and Tuosist RC parishes.
The following are also found in those records.

Could be related to the following

See the unusual name "Boetius".

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