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Savoy Chapel, London

The Savoy Chapel (built 1512), Strand, London.
Burial place of Orby.


During the period from 1549 to 1724, the parish of St Mary le Strand had no church and worshipped at the Savoy Chapel.
Their parish is referred to at this time as "St. Mary Le Strand alias Savoy " or "St. Mary le Savoy".

Peter Orby was buried in the Savoy Chapel in 1633.
Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet was almost certainly buried here in 1692.
Catharine Guernier was almost certainly buried here in 1706.
Sir Charles Orby, 2nd Baronet was almost certainly buried here in 1715.
Sir Thomas Orby, 3rd Baronet was buried in the Savoy Chapel in 1724.

The chapel was gutted by fires in 1843 and 1864.
It was restored but the old interior was lost.
See images and images of interior.


The Savoy Chapel, Strand, London.
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Interior of the Savoy Chapel before the fires.
Published in 1809.
There could have been Orby monuments here before the fires.
From here in vol.4 (1820) of A topographical and historical description of London and Middlesex, by Brayley, Brewer and Nightingale.
See wider image.

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