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Orby of London.
They were granted Croyland Abbey, Lincolnshire, in 1671.
Became known as Orby of Croyland Abbey, Lincolnshire. Though continued to live in London.



Marriage of "Mathew Orpe" and "Amy Stafford", 23 Nov 1574, Stepney, London.
Think it says "married the xxiii of the same" ["the same" being November above].

Matthew Orpe,
or Mathew, or Arpe,
of London.
[Green, 1879] lists him as of parish of St Botolph's, Aldersgate, City of London.

He mar 23 Nov 1574 to Amy Wyllson.
She was a widow. Her 1st mar was to --- Stafford, or Stafforde.
[Green, 1879] lists her as "Amy Wyllson, alias Stafforde, widow".
Since she is "Stafford" at marriage, that must be the 1st husband's name, and Wyllson is the maiden name.
Marriage licence dated 18 Nov 1574. To marry at Stepney, London.
They mar 23 Nov 1574 at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, London. See entry from here.

She must be Amy Arpe, wife of Mathew Arpe, who was bur 3 Aug 1584 at St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London. See entry from here.
Both died before son's marriage 1603.
They had issue:

  1. Peter Orby,
    or Arpe, or Orpe,
    born c.1579, or maybe c.1574.
    Birth estimate comes from 1603 marriage licence. His age on marriage licence (in Roman numerals) is hard to read. [Green, 1879] thinks it says age about 24. Ancestry thinks it says age about 29.


Burial of "Amy Arpe", 3 Aug 1584, Westminster, London.

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