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Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet

Burial of 1st Baronet, 8 Mar 1692 (new style year).
From here.

Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet,
bapt 22 Mar 1605, London.
See thepeerage.
His father died 1633.
He inherited Burton Pedwardine and Mareham in Lincolnshire, and Chertsey, Surrey.

He mar post-1633 to Catharine Guernier [or Catherine, or Katharine, or Katherine, of France].
Burial has her as Catharine or Catherine.
[Green, 1879] and [Complete Baronetage] have her as Katharine.
Her being French might suggest they met and married when he was in exile on the Continent (after 1646).
Though [Complete Baronetage] thinks they married before c.1640, i.e. before exile.
So she was perhaps born around 1615-1620.

In exile with Charles II:
He was Royalist in the English Civil War (started 1642).
He went into exile on the Continent with Charles II (who was in exile for most of the 1646 to 1660 period).
He was an attendant to Charles I's widow Henrietta Maria in exile after Charles I's execution 1649.
One of their children was born 1658 in Paris.
He was cr Baronet 9 Oct 1658 in exile in Brussels. (Charles II had moved his exiled court to Brussels in Feb 1658.)
Charles II returned in the Restoration 1660. Orby returned to England.
He was granted Croyland Abbey and Manor, Lincolnshire by Charles II, 15 Sept 1671.
Croyland is in same county as his other property at Burton Pedwardine, but not particularly near it.
He lived No. 3 Great Piazza, Covent Garden, London, from 1677 until death 1692.
He lived to a great age.
He is listed as paying for his pew at St Paul's church, Covent Garden on 28 Mar 1691 (new style year).

1st Baronet dies, 1692:
He died at his house in Covent Garden, shortly before 8 Mar 1692, age 86 or 87 yrs.
He was almost certainly buried 8 Mar 1692 in the Savoy Chapel:

Administration of his will 23 Mar 1692 (new style year).
Catharine did not stay in Covent Garden. A new occupier moved into No. 3 Great Piazza in 1692.
[Green, 1879] says she died 1706 in parish of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London.

Catharine dies, 1706:
Catharine must also have been a great age when she died.
She was almost certainly buried 2 Feb 1706 in the Savoy Chapel:

Administration of her will 6 July 1717.
1st Baronet and Catharine had issue:

  1. Sir Charles Orby, 2nd Baronet,
    of Croyland Abbey,
    [Complete Baronetage] thinks born c.1640.
    He mar 1stly, post-1682, to Anne Swinglehurst [born 1636, dau of Richard Swinglehurst].
    She was a widow, age over 46. No issue.
    Anne died 1690, age 54 yrs.
    He succ as Baronet when his father died 1692.

    He mar 2ndly, licence 1707 [him age c.67] to Anne Hopegood [think NOT Howgood].
    Anne was a widow. Her 1st marriage was to Sir William Beeston.
    Sir William Beeston was born 1636. He was Governor of Jamaica 1693 to 1702. See DNB. See here.
    He died 1702. He was bur in the parish church of Titchfield in Hampshire.
    He owned plantations and houses in Jamaica. He left them to his widow Anne rather than his daughter. There was a dispute between the two over his will until 1710, when his widow Anne won possession of the properties. See [Lustig, 1983].
    Note that later (in 1727) Elizabeth Orby's husband General Robert Hunter became Governor of Jamaica.

    2nd Baronet sold part of Chertsey, Surrey in 1710. Though some remained to be inherited later.
    He lived St Martin-in-the-Fields parish, London.
    2nd Baronet dies, 1715:
    He died St Martin-in-the-Fields parish, 1715, age c.75 yrs.
    He was bur 18 Nov 1715, St Mary le Strand, London. See burial entry. From here. Also here.
    As noted above, this must be the Savoy Chapel.
    Administration of estate 11 May 1716. Administration completed 31 May 1716.
    Anne's will dated 16 Mar 1721.
    She died 1721. She was bur with 1st husband at Titchfield, Hampshire.
    Her will pr 15 Aug 1721, Prerogative Court of Canterbury.
    Further administration of 2nd Baronet's estate 5 Mar 1736 [new style year]. Granted to Edward Manby. Administration completed March 1736.

  2. Sir Thomas Orby, 3rd Baronet,
    of Croyland Abbey,
    born 1658 in Paris.
    Much younger than his brother.

Close-up of the Strand on map of c.1658.
Map by Wenceslaus Hollar. From BM.
Though by this time, the 1st Baronet was on the Continent.

Grant of Crowland to Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet, in 1671.
From p.807 of Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 3, 1669-1672. Published 1908.

Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet, pays for his pew in St Paul's church, Covent Garden on 28 Mar 1691 [new style year, note how it comes after Nov 1690].
Extract from "Odds and Ends about Covent Garden", on p.6 of Evans's Supper Rooms, Covent-Garden. Selection and words of madrigals ... sung ... in the above Supper-Rooms, published 1856.

Burial of Catharine Guernier, 2 Feb 1706 (new style year).
From here. Also here.

View of Covent Garden dated 1737.
Sir Thomas Orby, 1st Baronet, lived in 1677 to death 1692 in No. 3 Great Piazza, Covent Garden.
This is the RHS 3 bays of the 8 bay arcaded building on the RHS here.

1st and 2nd Baronet in [Complete Baronetage].

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