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Thady Ryan

Thady Ryan,
Tim, bapt 29 Nov 1844.
His father died 1891.
He mar Sat 3 Feb 1894 to Kate Ryan [Katherine, Catherine].
They mar at Newport RC church. Mar wit by Patrick Carroll and Margaret Gregan.
She was a Ryan "Dick" from Cragg, NW of Newport. Apparently these are different to Ryan "Dick" of Mary Glen.
Thady died 22 Mar 1916, age 71 yrs.
Thady and Kate had issue:

  1. Bridget Ryan,
    bapt 20 Nov 1894 [Newport RC par records], sp Patt Waller, Mary Waller (probably her uncle and aunt).
    She mar --- Moloney [NOT Maloney, of Newport].
    She died 1951, age 57 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Timmy Moloney.
    2. Josephine Moloney.
    3. Paul Moloney, mar Ethel Boland.
    4. Kitty Moloney, mar --- Woods.
    5. Paddy Moloney.
    6. Bridie Moloney, mar Paud Hayes.

  2. Michael Ryan,
    bapt 7 Dec 1896 [Newport RC par records], sp James Ryan, Kate Ryan.
    He died c.1903, age 6 yrs.

  3. Margaret Ryan,
    Maggie, born 26 Mar 1898,
    bapt 29 Mar 1898 [Newport RC par records], sp Samuel Carroll, Margaret Carroll.
    She mar John Kelly [of Knocksentry, Killeenagarriff par, Co.Limerick, E of Limerick city].
    They lived Knocksentry.
    He died 4 Oct 1979.
    She died c.1989, age c.91 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Joan Kelly.
    2. Kathleen Kelly, mar Patrick Boyle.

  4. Mary Ryan,
    bapt 24 Feb 1901 [Newport RC par records], sp John Ryan, Anne Waller.
    She mar Tom McCormack [of Newport].
    She died 1983, age 82 yrs.
    They had issue:

    1. Jerry McCormack, mar Marcella Quane.
    2. Tadgh McCormack.
    3. Kathy McCormack [Katherine], mar Peter Powrie.
    4. Margaret McCormack, mar --- Kelly.
    5. Michael McCormack, mar Eileen O'Connor.
    6. Mary McCormack, mar Donie Shine.

  5. Catherine Ryan,
    bapt 10 June 1903 [Newport RC par records], sp Patrick Ryan, Margaret Donnell,
    NOT Katherine.
    She died 1916, age 13 yrs.

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