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Mickey Tim Ryan

Mickey Tim Ryan, bapt 15 Oct 1820.
He inherited the farm at Newross, NE of Newport, Co.Tipperary.
His father seems to have died in 1828 to 1835.
"Michael Ryan" sp the bapt of his nephew Tim Foley 1836.
"Mick Ryan" wit his sister's mar 1841.
"Michael Ryan" sp bapt of his niece Margaret Humphrys 1842.

He mar 1843 to Bridget Ryan.
She was dau of Richard and Bridget Ryan, of Ballyadam, Caherconlish par, Co.Limerick. These were the Ryan "Chicken" family. No relation of our Ryans.
There was a story, I think from Bee Moynihan, that Bridget Ryan's brothers were looking round, trying to make a match for her. They tried several places, none good enough. They came to Mickey Tim's, and were given whiskey in a decanter, and they thought: "this is the place".

"Michael Ryan" and "Bridget Ryan" sp the bapt of his nephew Michael Foley in Oct 1843.
Mickey Tim and Bridget were living Newross at children's baptisms 1844-1848.
He was supposed to have had sympathies with Young Irelanders of 1848.
"Michael Ryan (Tim)" is listed in [Griffiths Valuation, 1848 and 1850] as leasing 131 acres (with a big house) and other holdings in Newross townland. He had the biggest house in the townland. He had the biggest farm in the townland. All leasing from the landlord Bolton Waller.

Evicted from Newross, moves to Ahane (Cully), apparently 1850:
The story is that the Ryans were evicted from Newross by the landlord Bolton Waller, for non-payment of 2 years rent, total £400.
They ended up in a poor farm at the Ahane crossroads nearby (a real come-down from Newross) which was given to them by Waller.
This location is referred to as "Cully" or "Ahane".
The new farm was only a few hundred yards from the lost family home at Newross.
Mickey Tim and Bridget are listed at children's baptisms 1850-55 as living at "Ahane".

Mickey Tim's probable uncle, William Ryan of Newross, was apparently the last Ryan in Newross, and was apparently evicted in 1854.
It is thought that after William Ryan of Newross was evicted 1854, he went to join (his probable nephew) Mickey, already living at Ahane/Cully.
These Ryans got a name for always idling. They didn't do any work to pay the rent. They got the nickname Ryan "Cadea". Apparently "cadea" is "lazy" in old Irish (though I cannot confirm this).
The landlord had a lot of trouble selling Newross after the eviction - met with a lot of resistance.

Mickey Tim listed as living "Cully" at children's baptisms 1857-1863.
Think they lived Ahane / Cully until their deaths.
Mickey Tim dies, 1891:
He died 9 pm, Mon 27 July 1891, age 70 yrs.
Funeral 29 July 1891, bur Cragg (NW of Newport, see map).
"Ahane" is listed as home of daughter at wedding 1892.
Bridget died Wed 10 May 1893.
Funeral 12 May 1893, bur Cragg.
Mickey Tim and Bridget had issue:

  1. Thady Ryan,
    Tim, born Newross,
    bapt "Timothy", 29 Nov 1844 [Newport RC par records], sp John Ryan, Johanna Ryan.

  2. Margaret Ryan,
    born Newross,
    bapt 7th Feb 1848 [Newport RC par records], sp Laurence Ryan, Johanna Keogh.

  3. John Ryan,
    born Ahane,
    bapt 16th Aug 1850 [Newport RC par records], sp John Dwane, Anne Maters,
    emigrated and died in America

  4. Richard Ryan,
    place of birth not listed at bapt (but must be Ahane),
    bapt 11th Nov 1852 [Newport RC par records], sp Andy Kennedy, Mary Kennedy,
    went to America,
    died July/Aug 1893, New York, age 40 yrs,
    he was prayed for at mass in Newport on Sun 6th Aug 1893.

  5. Michael Ryan,
    born Ahane,
    bapt 24th Apr 1855 [Newport RC par records], sp James Humphrys and Ann Foley.

  6. Bridget Ryan,
    born Cully, 15 Aug 1857,
    bapt 26 Aug 1857 [Newport RC par records], sp Benjamin Young, Catherine Brien.
    She went to Parnell public meetings in 1880s.
    Living "Ahane" at mar 1892.
    She mar 16 Feb 1892 to Jeremiah O'Brien and had issue.
    They mar at Newport RC church. Mar wit by Andrea O'Brien and Elline Ryan.

  7. Laurence Ryan,
    think NOT Lawrence.
    His place of birth not listed at bapt (but must be Cully).
    He was bapt "Laurence", 24 Jan 1860 [Newport RC par records], sp Jim Ryan, Catherine Burns.
    He mar --- Lysaght [of Doon, Co.Limerick].
    Emigrated to America.
    He died in America, 1929, age 69 yrs.
    He and his wife had issue:

    1. Laurence Ryan.
    2. Rita Ryan.

  8. Catherine Ryan,
    Kate, "Kathy", NOT Katherine,
    born Cully,
    bapt "Catherine", 28 Sept 1863 [Newport RC par records], sp Bartholomew Ryan, Alice O'Brien.
    1901 census says born Co.Limerick but that is not true. 1911 census has her correctly born Co.Tipperary.
    Her parents died by 1893.
    She went to live with sister Bridget at Knocksentry, Killeenagarriff par, Co.Limerick.
    She must have met her husband through this (he was from Killeenagarriff par).
    At marriage 1894, parish records lists her as of "Ahane", and mar cert lists her as of "Castlewaller". Both of these refer to her father's farm at Ahane/Castlewaller.
    She mar Tue 13 Nov 1894 to James Minihan and had issue.
    They mar at Newport RC church. See mar cert from here.


There may be another daughter:

  1. Mary Ryan.
    Living "Ahane" at mar 1877.
    She mar 6 Feb 1877 to Patt Waller [Patrick, poss. Pat].
    (She possibly married some distant, dispossessed relation of the man who evicted her own family.)
    They mar at Newport RC church. Mar wit by Andrew Meara, Hanora McGrath.
    They had issue:

    1. Annie Waller,
      born Cully,
      bapt Anne, 10 Jan 1884 [Newport RC par records], sp James Gleeson, Bridget Ryan.
      She mar Simon Carney.

The new Ryan farm at "Cully" or "Ahane"

The new Ryan farm, Castlewaller townland, Kilnarath par, NE of Newport, Co.Tipperary.
"Cully" is the old name for Castlewaller townland.
The farm location is also called "Ahane" since it is next to the Ahane crossroads.
Note there is a place called "Culley Rock" or "Culley Rocks" some distance away inside Castlewaller townland (see old map).

Ahane crossroads on 1829 to 1842 map.
Note Ahane townland. Newross townland (and old Ryan farm) is to N. The huge Castlewaller townland is to E.
The new Ryan farm was apparently at the NE side of the crossroads (around the red cross).
This is in Castlewaller townland. So it was called "Cully" (the old name for Castlewaller townland) or "Ahane" (at the crossroads).

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