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Stewart of Bute, Scotland

And of Ballintoy, Co.Antrim.

John Stewart, Sheriff of Bute (see here), born 1360,
illegitimate son of Robert II, King of Scotland, and descendant of Henry I,
"The Black Stewart",
of the Isle of Bute, W Scotland, at mouth of Clyde, opposite Hunterston,
he was granted the hereditary office of Sheriff of Bute by his father Robert II c.1385,
died 1449, age 89 yrs,
had issue:

William Stewart, younger son, born est c.1405,
died c.1465,
had issue:

James Stewart, Sheriff of Bute,
died 1477,
had issue:

Ninian Stewart, Sheriff of Bute, born 1469,
mar 3rdly, pre-1516, to Elizabeth Blair [dau of John Blair],
apparently died pre-1538,
had issue:

  1. Ninian Stewart, younger son,
    of Nether Kilmory in 1532,
    and of Largobroughton [unidentified], Kildavanan [on Bute] and Kilchattan [on Bute],
    [Burkes Peerage] says he is ancestor of Stewart of Ballintoy,
    had issue:

    1. Archibald Stewart,
      rebelled in 1544,
      forfeited his lands 1546,
      left Scotland 1559,
      came to Dunseverick, Billy par, on coast, N Co.Antrim, N Ireland,
      later settled in next parish, at Ballynastraid (this is official spelling), Ballintoy parish, on coast, N Co.Antrim,
      the family built Ballintoy Castle (now gone).

      This line needs more work.
      All sources agree that Ninian Stewart (son of Ninian by 3rd mar) is ancestor of Stewart of Ballintoy.
      Mary Stewart Kyritsis has Ninian's son Archibald as the one who came to Ireland.
      Peter Barns-Graham has Ninian with a son Robert.
      Paul Robinson has our Christian as the dau of James.
      McCurdy says Stewart of Ballintoy descends from "Sir James Stewart, whose father was Sir Ninian of Nether Kilmory in 1532".
      So for the moment I put Christian as the dau of James, a younger son of Ninian.
      But this line needs more work:

    2. James Stewart, of Ballintoy, Co.Antrim,
      think NOT John,
      think younger son, who also moved to Ireland,
      had issue:

      1. Christian Stewart [dau],
        mar think c.1612 to Brice Dunlop and had issue.

Stewart arms, Ballintoy church, Co.Antrim


Ballintoy church, Co.Antrim.
Stewart arms are on the wall of the church.
See full size. Photo 2006. From Miles Berry. See terms of use.
See 2010 photo.
See 2010 photo from here. See terms of use.

Close-up of Stewart arms, on Ballintoy church, Co.Antrim.
Memorial to Alexander Stewart [born 1645, died 1723, age 78].
Photo 2010. See larger and full size.
See other shot and closer and closer.




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