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My wife's ancestors - Sharp - Contents


John Hotchkin,
born 1703,
mar Ann Terrewest,
he died 1736,
had issue:

  1. Robert Hotchkin,
    bapt 29 Oct, think 1736, Uppingham, Rutland, NOT 1756.
    Lived Tixover, Rutland (on the border, not far from Stamford, Lincolnshire).
    He mar 1stly, 8 Nov 1764, in Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire, to Ann Newbald.
    Ann died c.1768-69.
    Robert had issue by 1st wife:

    1. Mary Hotchkin,
      born c.1766-67,
      died 1768, age c.1-2 yrs.

    2. John Hotchkin,
      born 20 Apr 1768 in South Luffenham, Rutland,
      died c.1789, age c.21 yrs.

    Robert mar 2ndly, 31 Aug 1769, NOT 1788, St.George's church, Stamford, Lincolnshire, to Catherine Hepburn.
    During this marriage, Robert had a long-term affair from at least 1776 with Sarah Sharp.
    She had three children with him during the time they were having the affair.
    In 1792 his wife died and he was able to marry his lover.
    Catherine was bur 30 March 1792 at Humby, Lincolnshire.
    Robert had issue by 2nd wife:

    1. Thomas Hotchkin,
      born c.1773 in Rutlandshire,
      mar 16 Dec 1800 in Blatherwick, South Luffenham, Rutland, to Mary Ann O'Brien,
      died 4 June 1843, age c.70 yrs,
      bur 10 June 1843, South Luffenham.

    Robert had another affair with Ann Parker and had illegitimate issue:

    1. Robert Parker.

    Robert mar 3rdly, 7 June 1792, to his long-time lover Sarah Sharp [bapt 18 Dec 1755].
    His will dated 10 Oct 1794. Now living Stamford, Lincolnshire.
    He was bur 5 Aug 1796 at Great Humby, Lincolnshire,
    or buried 11 Aug 1796 at Somerby, Lincolnshire.
    His will proved 5 Sept 1796.

    Sarah's will dated 6 Sept 1826. She is now living Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.
    She died 11 June 1828, aged 72.
    She was bur St Mary's Church, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire.
    Her will proved 29 July 1828.
    Robert had issue by his 3rd wife (three of the children born during their affair and before their marriage):

    1. Mary Ann Hotchkin,
      bapt 26 Nov 1776, St James' church, Westminster, London,
      her parents married 1792,
      mar 1stly, 28 Oct 1799 at St Mary's, Stamford, to Thomas Aveling [bapt 23 Sep 1771] and had issue,
      mar 2ndly, 4 Sep 1806 at St Mary, Stamford, to Henry Haynes [bapt 21 Apr 1782] and had issue.

    2. Sarah Hotchkin,
      bapt Sarah Sharp, 26th Sep 1780 at Tallington, nr Stamford, Lincolnshire,
      her parents married 1792, she took the name Hotchkin by 1796,
      described as of Stamford at mar,
      mar 1st Aug 1811 at St Mary's, Stamford, to Francis Gould Smith [of Stamford, or "Francis Gouldsmith"],
      see The Monthly Magazine, 1st Sept 1811, Lincolnshire,
      see thread.

    3. Robert Hotchkin,
      bapt Robert Sharp, 9 Jan 1783, St Michael's, Stamford,
      his parents married 1792, he presumably took the name Hotchkin,
      bur 2 Sep 1817, St Mary's, Stamford, age 34 yrs.

    4. John Hotchkin, born after parents married,
      bapt 19 May 1793, Saint George's, Stamford,
      bur 18 July 1793, Saint George's, Stamford, age 2 months.

Extract from will of Robert Hotchkin dated 1794.
He acknowledges his natural child Robert and his three children with Sarah Sharp born before their marriage.
See also rootschat threads here and here.

Extract from will of Sarah Sharp dated 1826.
Lists her nieces Mary Sharp of Stamford, and Charlotte Sharp of "the same place", and Ann Day: "Ann the wife of John Day of the same place, Stone Mason".

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