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Michelgrove, Sussex

Michelgrove is N of Patching and Clapham, West Sussex.
See map and map.

Michelgrove was home of Michelgrove family.
Inherited by John Shelley through 1474 marriage.
Michelgrove House was built by Sir William Shelley c.1540.
Seat of Shelley of Michelgrove.

Seat of Sir John Shelley, 1st Baronet (cr Baronet 1611) of Michelgrove.
Inherited by Sir John Shelley, 3rd Baronet (died 1703).

Seat of Shelley, Baronets, of Michelgrove.
Modified in 18th century.

Shelley sells it, 1800:
6th Baronet sold the Michelgrove estate in 1800.
Michelgrove House was demolished 1845.
Some walls survive. See

The site of the demolished "Michel Grove" on map published 1879 (surveyed 1875 to 1876).

Surviving walls of Michelgrove House, West Sussex.
This is at the NE side of the site.
See full size. From Bing Maps.
See Google street view.

Michelgrove House, 1782.
Sold at Christie's in 2010.

Michelgrove House, West Sussex. Drawn in 1789.
From here.

Michelgrove House, 1805.
From here.

Michelgrove House, 1827.
From here.


Site of Michelgrove House today

Michelgrove House is vanished.
Some old walls remain at the site today.


Walls at the site of Michelgrove House.
NW corner. View from outside.
Photo 2019. See full size.
See other shot. See closer.

W side of the walls. View from outside.
Photo 2019. See full size.
See closer. See other shot.

Farm building on W side.
Is this the tiny speck, opposite the mid point of the walls, on the map of 1879?
Or is this actually built after 1879?
Photo 2019. See full size.
See other shot.

N side of the walls. View from outside.
Photo 2019. See full size.

Walls at site of Michelgrove House.
Photo 2009 by Dave Spicer. From Geograph.

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