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Rubislaw, Aberdeen

Rubislaw, to the W side of Aberdeen (see map).

Sir George Skene, Provost of Aberdeen, acquired Rubislaw house and lands in 1687.
The "Mansion House of Rubislaw" dated from 1688.
It was on the road to Aberdeen.
Sir George Skene died 1707.
He left Rubislaw to his grand-nephew George Skene (died 1708).
Inherited by George Skene (died 1757).
Inherited by George Skene (died 1776).
The house in Rubislaw no longer exists.

Looks like the 1688 arms over the front door.
From p.131 of [Skene, 1887].

Arms of Provost Skene, dated 1688, formerly on the house of Rubislaw.
From p.145 of [Skene, 1887].

Location of "Mansion House of Rubislaw".
Top: From old map. Survey date: 1864 to 1867. Publication date: 1900.
Bottom: From old map. Survey date: 1864 to 1867. Publication date: 1896.

From 1901 map at
The area has been totally re-developed.
The "Lodge" to the SC here is the same as the "Lodge" beside Rubislaw Villa above. The road at an angle beside it is the old road up to the Mansion House of Rubislaw, which is now vanished, as is Rubislaw Villa.
The site of the Mansion House of Rubislaw is on the N side of Queen's Rd, just W of Spademill Rd. See satellite view.
See street view.

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