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My wife's ancestors - Skene - Contents

Russel of Moncoffer, Aberdeenshire

Or Russell.

Alexander Russell, born 1697,
of Moncoffer, Aberdeenshire.
He mar 1718 to Catherine Skene [born est c.1698].
They had issue:

Alexander Russell, born 1723,
of Moncoffer, Banff and Aden, all in Aberdeenshire.
He mar 2ndly, 1767, to Eliza Innes.
They had issue:

  1. Anna Russel, born 1770.
    She mar 24 or 27 Oct 1807 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen] to John Russel [born 1768].
    He was Post Captain, Royal Navy.
    He died Aberdeen, 16 Oct 1813, age 45 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    She died 29 Aug 1835, age 65 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
    They are buried beside the Skene graves at St.Nicholas', Aberdeen.
    They had issue:

    1. Elizabeth Russel,
      bapt 24 Sept 1808 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      She died 14 June 1814, age 5 yrs 9 months [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    2. Thomas Russel,
      bapt 24 Feb 1810 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      Surgeon in Honourable East India Company.
      He died Aberdeen, 28 Sept 1856, age 46 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    3. George Russel,
      bapt 24 Dec 1811 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      He died 9 July 1843, age 31 yrs [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

    4. Robert Russel,
      bapt 6 Dec 1812 [St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].
      He died June 1813, age 6 months [grave, St.Nicholas', Aberdeen].

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