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Spring of Lavenham, Suffolk, and of Co.Kerry

Brass of Thomas Spring (died 1486) and Margaret his wife.
Lavenham church, Suffolk.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

Thomas Spring,
"Clothier", of Lavenham, Suffolk, a wealthy wool town,
mar Agnes ----,
died 1440,
had issue:

Thomas Spring,
clothier, of Lavenham.
He mar Margaret ----.
He built the vesty in St Peter and St Paul's church in Lavenham.
His will dated 29 Mar 1486.
He died 7 Sept 1486.
He was bur in vestry in church in Lavenham, brass there.
Will pr 12 Sept 1486. See will on p.170 of [Visitation of Suffolk].
[Visitation of Suffolk] reads the tomb as saying Margaret died 1480. But in the same text it shows that Thomas' will, in Latin, 1486, refers to Margaret as alive and appoints her as one of his executors.
Thomas and Margaret had issue:

  1. Thomas Spring,
    "The rich clothier", of Lavenham.

Other image of the brass of Thomas Spring and Margaret his wife.
From jmc4 on Flickr. Used with permission.

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