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Bill Stack

Bill Stack.
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Bill Stack,
born 21st Apr 1897, Dublin.
He grew up Dublin. Family lived on Arnott St.
Think he went to school at nearby Synge Street CBS.

In 1917, during WWI, he stowed away on a ship to America. He got on to the American Line ship SS St.Paul (built 1895) coming from Liverpool. It arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on 11th June 1917, where he got out.
Passenger record lists him as a "Stowaway", age 20, single, 5 ft 10 in tall, dark hair, blue eyes.

He put himself through college in US.
Studied Mine Engineering, 1921-25, at the School of Mines of the University of Missouri at Rolla, Rolla, Missouri.
The [Rollamo, 1923] lists for its sophomore (2nd year) class officers: "William 'Pat' Stack - President".
The [Rollamo, 1924] says his "Sole ambition is to prove the existence of vast 'goophite' deposits which he claims are hidden back of the Comeragh Mountains, Irish Free State". It lists him as member of the Prospectors Club, and describes St.Patrick's Day 1924: "St.Pat, who was impersonated by the popular Wm. Stack .. delved into ancient Irish history and disclosed to the crowd that St.Pat was the engineer who invented the monkey wrench. Pat then called for the Blarney Stone, and after much confusion one of the Quo Vad kids announced that he had found it being used by several gamblers."

He mar Marene ---- [Marene L.].
He was a member of the Missouri Mining and Metallurgical Association.
He worked as engineer inspector for Chicago Public Works Authority.
1929 photo has him at Park Ridge, Illinois (suburb of Chicago).
Undated newspaper cutting refers to construction of SE intercepting sewer out to Aurora, Kane county, and forthcoming water works project in Chicago. It says: "Stack .. has established an office on the second floor of the old post office building" (would refer to the post office building used before the 1921 post office building).
He was later Registered Land Surveyor, State of Florida.
They lived in area of Ocala, NC Florida.
He died 5th Feb 1978, Silver Springs, near Ocala, age 80 yrs,
funeral 7th Feb, in or near Silver Springs [mass card].
Bill and Marene had adopted issue:

  1. Kathy Stack, mar Phil Palmer and had issue:
    1. David Palmer.
    2. Steven Palmer.

SS St.Paul.
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Bill Stack.
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Bill Stack.
1929 photo in Chicago.
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Bill Stack. 1927 photo.
Thought to be Marene looking out of window.
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Bill Stack and Kathy.
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Marene and Kathy.
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