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William Stack

Left: William Stack. See larger and full size. See other shot.
Right: Catherine O'Callaghan. See larger and full size. See other shot.

William Stack,
bapt 2 Apr 1871,
grew up near Listowel, Co.Kerry.
Dublin Metropolitan Police (DMP) constable.
He joined DMP on 13 Nov 1891, age 20, height 6 ft ¼ in, DMP no. 9709 [DMP records].
He was recommended by "G. Newison, JP".
He is supposed to have worked as clerk in the civil service at one time. But when joined DMP he is described as "labourer", living Listowel, Co.Kerry.
On 22 Apr 1892 he joined the DMP B division, which is the SE Dublin city centre, around Pearse St. He seems to have stayed there his whole career.
Listed as "policeman", living Dublin, at marriage 1896 [GROI].

He mar 1896 to Catherine O'Callaghan [born 5th May 1866].
He was reprimanded for marrying without leave (permission), document reference 332/97 (presumably 1897, think document destroyed).
It was said she came from a much grander family and they disapproved of her marrying him. She was determined to send children to university etc. to show family it wasn't a mistake. Children very intelligent.
The evidence for this family story is mixed. Her parents were in fact illiterate. On the other hand, the family had two farms (one at Ballynabrennagh and one at Cloghers). So in that sense they were grander.

They are listed as living 8 Arnott St, South Circular Rd, Dublin in [Thom's] from 1898 to 1912.
He is listed as "constable, DMP", 8 Arnott St, at Kathleen's birth 1898 [GROI], which erroneously lists him as "Patrick Stack".
See entry at 8 Arnott St in [Census, 1901]. He is listed as "D.M.P. Constable". They have one domestic servant.
See entry at 8 Arnott St in [Census, 2 April 1911]. He is listed as "D.M.P. Constable". They live with 1 servant.

They are listed as living 16 Arnott St in [Thom's] from 1914 to 1916.
They are listed as living 35 Heytesbury St, South Circular Rd, Dublin (beside Arnott St) in [Thom's] from 1917 to death.
All three surviving children went to university.
The War of Independence took place in 1919-21. The DMP were not heavily involved, but some were killed.
DMP amalgamated into Gardai 1925.
He became a Garda [DMP records].
He was pensioned 2nd or 3rd Apr 1928 [DMP records], age 57.

William dies, 1940:
He died 24th Feb 1940, age 68 yrs, St. Laurence's Hospital (Richmond Hospital), N Brunswick St, Dublin [GROI].
He was bur Glasnevin.
See mass card.

Catherine dies, 1944:
Catherine in old age moved in for a time with her daughter Nora in Walkinstown House. But she did not like being away from her old life and she moved back home.
She was living 35 Heytesbury St, Dublin, at her death 1944.
She died 7th Sept 1944, Dublin, age 78 yrs.
She was bur Glasnevin.
Probate of will granted at Dublin, 26th Oct 1944, to her dau Nora,
estate £1992 [NAI].
"William Stack" still listed at 35 Heytesbury St in [Thom's] up to 1951 edn (possibly their son Bill continued to own the house from abroad).
William and Catherine had issue:

  1. Bill Stack [William, Billy],
    born 21st Apr 1897, Dublin city [mass card].

  2. Kathleen Stack,
    born 9 April 1898 [baptism record], 8 Arnott St.
    [GROI] is WRONG to say born 16 Apr.
    She was bapt "Catherine Mary Stack" 12 April 1898 [Harrington St RC church, Dublin], sp Timothy Cronin and Mary Charlotte Byrne.
    Would be named after grandmother.
    She died as infant of "diarrhoea" [burial record], or possibly of meningitis.
    She died 9th Oct 1899, South Dublin, age 1 yr [family missal],[grave].
    She was bur 11 Oct at Glasnevin.

  3. Mary Stack,
    Mary Lilian Stack, "Lilian", "Lily", "Lil",
    born 1 May 1901, 8 Arnott St [GROI],
    birth registered as "Eliza", corrected to "Mary",
    bapt 3 May 1901 [Harrington St RC church, Dublin], sp James O'Callaghan and Elizabeth Fitzelle.
    She is listed as "Mary", age 9 yrs in [Census, 2 Apr 1911].
    She was educ UCD, studied medicine.
    She must be "Miss Stack", the only female in a group photo of doctors at St Vincent's Hospital, St Stephen's Green, Dublin, Spring 1921.
    "Lilian Stack, UCD" is written on the back of my copy of the [Rollamo, 1923].
    She got meningitis. Never recovered from it, got brain damage.
    She never married.
    She was cared for by her mother. Eventually went into a home.
    She was in Grangegorman psychiatric hospital, NW Dublin.
    She is still listed as of 35 Heytesbury St at death (but died at Grangegorman).
    Her sister Nora died Dec 1957.
    She died soon after, in Grangegorman mental hospital, 27 Nov 1958, age 57 yrs [grave], [GROI].
    She was bur Glasnevin.

  4. Dr. Nora Stack,
    Nora Adrienne,
    would be after grandmother,
    she did NOT use the spelling Norah as an adult, but she is "Norah" at bapt, and her father used "Norah" on 1911 census form,
    born 29 June 1903, Holles St Hospital, Dublin [GROI], see birth cert,
    bapt 6 July 1903, St.Andrew's church, Westland Row, Dublin, see bapt cert, sp John O'Callaghan and Norah Mullins.

  5. Thomas Stack,
    born Dublin South, 29th Nov 1909.
    Would be after grandfather.
    He died as a baby of pneumonia [burial record], think NOT of meningitis.
    He died Dublin South, 2nd Oct 1910, age 10 months [family missal],[grave].
    He was bur 4 Oct at Glasnevin.

William Stack when older.
See larger and full size.

William Stack grave, Glasnevin. Photo 2006. See full size and close-up.
Photos courtesy of Richard Humphreys.

Holles St Hospital, Dublin.
Birthplace of Nora Stack in 1903.
Photo 2007. See full size.


Mary Lilian Stack

"Miss Stack", the only female in a group photo of "Visiting and Resident Staff" (these are doctors, not nurses) at St Vincent's Hospital, St Stephen's Green, Dublin, Spring 1921.
It is thought this is Mary Lilian Stack, who was at UCD.
See history of St Vincent's Hospital.
Photo taken at St Vincent's Hospital, Elm Park, Dublin, 2008.
See larger and full size.
See full group photo (and other shot).

Back of above grave, showing Mary Lilian Stack. See full size.
Photo courtesy of Richard Humphreys.


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